Until We Meet Again by Christina Lee


A college age, opposites attract romance that shows if you put the effort in you can be a better person. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN is the follow up to XOXO from last year as part of the Roosevelt College universe.

From the blurb:

Bruce “Bones” Lanning and Emil Ettinger had a decent roommate arrangement at Roosevelt College—other than Bones leaving his dirty socks lying around—so they agree to share the same space again. Their relationship has always been ridiculous banter and competitive streaks, and they assume this year will be the same.

So why are they suddenly enjoying nights holed up in their room together?

Bones can’t figure out what’s changed, why he likes being around Emil so much and why he’s suddenly falling asleep in Emil’s bed. And as far as Emil knows, Bones is straight, so why does he seem jealous when Emil arranges a random hookup, then asks all sorts of questions about what it’s like to kiss another guy?

To put an end to his roommate’s endless queries, Emil kisses Bones, convinced he’s just goofing around. But one encounter leads to another, until Emil begins seeing Bones in a different light. Underneath the clueless, carefree facade lies a deeper emotional underpinning that allows Emil to become more vulnerable too—and maybe even admit that spending time with his roommate is the best part of his day.

Still, Emil isn’t about to become another jock’s experiment, so he makes it clear that their hookups are totally casual. Until they’re not.

*TW: References to the death of a sibling

Molly Otto's Review:

The follow-up to XOXO with Emil and Bones is the close friends of Lark & Henry, the previous books MCs. What can you really say but Bones is so much better of a man than he was previously betrayed. He shows he can learn and grow to be a better person. Emil is his beautiful, snarky, understanding self in helping Bones in this journey of self-discovery.

Together, they have a beautiful banter that shows even as they get older, they will be able to last because they just are with one another. Thank you, Christina, for writing a college age romance where the characters feel genuine to their age and, yes, make mistakes, but grow from them. Hope to see future couples from this universe, but only time will tell.

UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be 
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