#ThrowbackThursday: Instant Desire by Elouise East

We are pleased to have Elouise East with us today with her book Instant Desire, book one of the Crush series. 

From the Blurb:

Sean doesn’t need anyone. He’s happy on his own, working his way through life. Until he meets his client, Asher. Their attraction is instant, but Sean refused to let himself feel anything. Everyone leaves him in the end, so he’s only saving himself from future heartbreak. Except he can’t stay away.

Being given guardianship of his niece was a blessing, although it came with grief at the loss of his sister. Life is short, and he needs to focus on being a single father. When Sean comes to his rescue unexpectedly, Asher finds himself smitten with the haunted man.

Although Asher tries to help Sean, the man pushes him away. He can’t bring someone into his niece’s life if they’re not going to stay.

Loss has a way of changing how people view the world. Read what happens when Sean receives advice from a stranger that sets him on a path he would never have chosen before.


Sean checked his watch after he’d parked the car, noticing he was early, as usual. He hated being late, so he always ended up waiting around for the correct time before heading to his appointment. Better early than late, his father always said. But he sometimes wondered how much of his time was spent waiting around.

He pulled out the folder containing the information on his next client, and even though he had it memorised, he flicked through it again. Asher Danvers wanted a two-car garage conversion into a secured self-contained unit with access to the garden area. It seemed simple enough, but Sean would have to wait and see what Mr. Danvers said in person. Sean had realised early on in this job that what information was passed on over the phone, was not always everything the client had on their mind.
Eyeing his watch again, he blew out a breath. He had another five minutes before he could go without appearing to be ridiculously early for the appointment. Max had always laughed about this quirk of his, but that was because Max was always late. 

Sean had met Max Hughes, by chance, at a bar in Sean’s sixth year of architecture and Max’s first year of interior design. They were both attending different universities in Cambridge and had been trying to gain the bartender’s attention. They’d ended up in conversation, then decided to join their respective parties together for a huge night out.

So, when Sean had accepted the offer at TAC, he had come armed with knowledge of an interior designer, who he had incorporated into some of his jobs as soon as Max had qualified. Max was grateful, and his business had boomed with the referrals he’d received from Sean. They were a good team.

Sean checked his watch once more and smiled, three minutes early exactly. He climbed out of the car, holding tight to the folder as he shut the door and headed to Mr. Danvers’ front door. He could see the two garages that Mr. Danvers wanted converted, and they looked in reasonable condition, but Sean would withhold judgement until he saw the inside—that was where many properties let their owners down.

Walking past the neatly kept garden to the front door, Sean knocked. He gazed around as he waited for an answer, which when it came, heralded a figure he had not expected. Mr. Danvers was no older man wanting to make a live-in unit for his family to visit, which is what Sean had envisaged. No, Mr. Danvers was a gorgeous, six-foot, brown-haired, golden-eyed wonder with scruff that looked like it would feel amazing on Sean’s skin.

Sean was startled from his musings with that thought and quickly held out his hand. “Mr. Danvers? I’m Sean Edwards from Thompson Architect Company.” He cleared his throat as he waited for the guy to welcome him. “Ah, yes, hello.” He shook Sean’s hand. “Please, call me Asher.”
They stood facing each other for a moment before a loud crash, silence, then a screaming cry sounded from within. Sean jumped as Asher spun around and raced down the hallway Sean could see from the front door.

Sean wasn’t quite sure what to do. He’d not been invited in, but he didn’t want to stand here and leave the door open. He decided to step inside and shut the door behind him. Waiting in the large entryway, Sean studied his surroundings briefly—stairs to the right side and dark wood flooring as far as the eye could see. He could see the open plan living room through an archway to the left and a similarly presented dining room to the right. Straight ahead, he saw another door.

He heard talking from further inside, so he decided to follow the sound, making sure his footsteps were heard as he approached what he thought was the kitchen. Entering the kitchen, his assumption being correct, he saw that Asher was on his knees cradling a child in his arms as he talked in soft tones. Asher peered up at him, and Sean saw panic in his eyes.

“Could you get me some ice, please?” Sean saw Asher indicate the freezer on the other side of the kitchen. He paused, then went over to do as asked. Finding an ice pack, he looked around for a towel and wrapped it up before handing it to Asher. “Is he all right?” Sean asked.

Instant Desire is available on all major platforms https://books2read.com/instantdesire.