The Invention of Wings by Robin Knight

Welcome to Mulligans Mill the all new small town romance series from Robin Knight. Robin kicks it off with The Invention of Wings, a second chance romance where some times going back gives you the chance to fly.

From the blurb:

♥ Small Town MM Romance ♥ Second Chance at Love
♥ Enemies-to-Lovers
♥ Found Family


‘Wings’. That was the nickname they gave me in the lead-up to the Winter Olympics. I was ready to take home the gold for figure skating, ready to make all my dreams come true… all but one… the dream of finding true love. That dream ended the night I lost the only man I ever wanted, betrayed by fear, by doubt, by him. It was a moment that led to my downfall on the ice rink and the ultimate humiliation. And so I did what any broken spirit would do… I fled my hometown of Mulligan’s Mill, determined never to return.

That is until I get the call from Doc Morgan, letting me know that my sister Maggie’s hoarding habit is getting out of control. Now it seems Mulligan’s Mill is calling me back… back to face the past. Is it possible for a fallen hero to find his dignity once more? Is it possible for a man to return home and not make the same mistakes twice? Is it possible to pretend the past never even existed… or was I destined to re-live it all over again?


He was the rising star of the ice-skating rink. I was the captain of the hockey team with my eyes on an Ivy League scholarship. We had everything… promise, potential, each other. Then one night I freaked out, I pushed him away, and nothing was ever the same again. In the years since Mitch had left Mulligan’s Mill, my life was turned upside-down by a family tragedy. Now, as the sole carer of my niece Ginny who relies on a wheelchair to get around, I spend every waking hour working part-time jobs to keep the roof over our heads. I barely get a minute to think about my shattered dreams of becoming an ice hockey star… but I still think about him… every single day.

When I find out that Mitch is returning to Mulligan’s Mill, the news triggers a wave of excitement and regret. Was what we had real, or just a foolish young fling? Would the flame re-ignite once more if we saw each other on the street, or would he turn around and walk away like we never met? Would I finally find the courage to talk to him again, or would fear get the better of me just like it did on the night I broke both our hearts?

The Invention of Wings is the first book in a Small Town MM Romance series set in Mulligan’s Mill… a small town with the biggest of hearts!

Molly Otto's Review:

Let's start off by saying sign me up. I want to live in Mulligans Mill to meet this cast of zany loveable characters!
Now, if you're expecting your run of the mill rom com, this is not it. It's so much more. The emotions are palpable. The pain of miscommunication changed the course of these men's lives for so long it really is no surprise once their in each orbit once again, all will be changed again.
Mitch fears returning home to the pain and rejection he feels as imminent, what he doesn't realize Gage has been through so much that maybe it's time to hear him out. The snarky beautiful Ginny brings these men together once again with the dream of flying on the ice as she's seen her uncle do from the window. This girl's dream is the catalyst of bringing so many dreams to life, in this rom com of second chances and hope.

The Invention of Wings is available in paperback and ebook formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.