The Heart Of Smoke (Shameful Secrets Book 3) by K Webster

The Heart of Smoke was my most anticipated book for January I was so excited to read Jude’s story. He might think he’s a monster on the outside and inside but his family want him to be well again they don’t blame him for anything he only blames himself, so his Dad hires Tate to be the families personal therapist.

From the blurb:

From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster comes a new dark age-gap, enemies-to-lovers MM captive romance!

He’s a mysterious recluse with an unhealthy obsession with his therapist.
He doesn’t want help... He just wants him.

Love is for those who deserve it. I certainly don’t. The person I loved most in this world died in my arms decades ago and I am to blame. I’ll forever be tormented by what-ifs where I was Mom’s hero instead of this repulsive, mask-wearing beast I’ve ultimately become.

All that’s left of my heart is black smoke—suffocating and toxic. I’m nothing but a shadow of a man, locked in my dark fortress of a home, away from people and hidden in my carefully walled-up world.

My family is all I have to live for. Somehow, they look past the fact I survived when Mom didn’t. Like it’s not my fault. It’s also why I’ll protect them with every single fiber of my being.

Even from him.
Tate Prince has been paid by my father to infiltrate our family. Invited not just into our homes, but into our past, our heartaches, and even our minds. Dad thinks this young man—a therapist with a captivating grin—is the key to repairing all the damage we’ve sustained over the years.

But I know better.
I can see through Tate’s friendly disposition and easygoing nature.
In his eyes are dark secrets that haunt him like ghosts from another life. He’s not as perfect as he seems. Underneath his mask of smiles are ugly truths I’m desperate to uncover.

And I will uncover them.
If that means keeping him under lock and key where I can watch his every move, I will.
It’s not captivity if he’s being paid, right?

However, when I start unraveling his life, I learn there’s a lot more to Tate than meets the eye. The more I discover, the more obsessed I become. My heart, the dusty, charred, still-smoking useless organ sparks to life making me come to a startling realization. I want him.

I’m not the only one who feels this way, though. Tate’s biggest secret is he already has a monster in his life. A terrible, spiteful monster—one who’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

But I’m uglier, nastier, and a hell of a lot more vicious. I may have failed to save my mother, but I will not fail this time.
Tate is mine.

***This is a complete mm standalone novel with a happily ever after.***

ChaosKay's review:

When Tate arrives Jude thinks he’s out to destroy his family and he’s going to protect them anyway he can what he doesn’t count on is the feelings he’s developing for Tate . Tate sees Jude he sees right through his walls and although he’s been hurt in the past he can’t help the feelings he’s having for Jude it’s only when Tate is in trouble that the real Jude shines through. Loved Jude & Tate and and the twist in the plot caught me off guard as I had no clue who the bad guy was until Jude found out his name.

The Heart of Smoke is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription