Old Time Religion (Wisconsin Gothic Book 2) by E.H. Lupton

Still trying to investigate Sam's background, Ulysses is juggling finalizing his dissertation when an ex-girlfriend comes asking for help. There are too many balls in the air for Sam and Ulysses, especially when people in their current lives begin overlapping with those from the past. The only thing that seems to be going smoothly is Sam and Ulysses' relationship, or is it?

From the Old Time Religion blurb:

What's one more deadline?

Ulysses Lenkov is on the verge of finishing his PhD when his ex-girlfriend shows up with a problem. It's been six month since the murder of her husband, Hugh, and Livia is plagued by strange noises in the night, poor sleep, and a magic book that may be cursed. The more Ulysses delves into the events that led her back to Madison, the more concerned he becomes.

Ulysses's boyfriend Sam Sterling, jealous and unhappy about Livia's return, suspects that she may not be telling them the whole truth. In the meantime, he's starting to worry that he may not have left Dionysus as far behind as he thought—with odd effects for him and Ulysses. When Ulysses's academic advisor suggests their relationship might be a problem, magically speaking, he's suddenly forced to make decisions he never wanted to face: break up with Ulysses to keep him safe, or stay together despite the risks.

As Ulysses's defense bears down on them, the questions start to stack up. What really happened to Hugh? Does his death tie in to secrets from deep in Sam's family's past? And will Ulysses be able to figure it all out before he winds up a victim?

SNik's review:

Second in series (Wisconsin Gothic), must be read in order. Paranormal urban fantasy with alternate historical elements. Established couple. Dual POV. 

Ulysses is in the midst of finishing his dissertation which just happens to be about Sam being a demigod when his old girlfriend shows up with a problem that may be related to Sam’s history and creation. The connection and closeness between Sam and Ulysses grows as they investigate more about Sam’s grandfather’s experiments and the overlapping relationships of their families while trying to determine if Ulysses’ ex is being truthful or not. 

Not everything is clear cut so there are many threads left dangling as the overall story arc continues. I appreciated the growth of Sam and Ulysses’ relationship and most enjoyed the story when they were on page together either working or playing. There is intrigue, some action, plenty of research, and some discussion of future plans for Sam and Ulysses as they commit to being together and have their HFN.

Old Time Religion is currently available as an e-book