Let Me Be The One by Z.S. Storm

Dive back into the mind of Zayn with this emotionally charged childhood friends-to-lovers journey of political correctness and hot, steamy nights of liberalism.

From the Let Me Be the One blurb:


Finn and I grew up as best friends. Sons of renowned politicians. Living life in the public eye but hiding the parts of us which we were most afraid to reveal. I was a closeted gay dude. Finn was a closeted...something. Serious and introverted...seemingly straight, he never looked at me the way I couldn't help but look at him sometimes. As we turned into young men from carefree teenagers, family and societal expectations entered the mix and one dreadful day, Finn got engaged. I had no choice but to suck it up. Because in worlds like ours, a guy didn't end up marrying his best friend. He ended up losing him to a girl.


My wedding was supposed to be a huge and highly publicized affair. Invitations had all gone out. The whole country was waiting for it, and my family was beyond excited to see me as a married man, finally settled and ready to follow in my father's footsteps.

Then Aiden decided to throw me a bachelor party. Not only that but he went one step further with a strip tease and lap dance. He meant it as a joke obviously. But there was nothing funny about the way my body responded to his grinding on my lap. Nothing funny about watching Aiden take his clothes off and get drunk with other male strippers at the party.

It made me hard and angry. It made me walk up to him and demand that he stop that nonsense immediately. It led to a surprisingly hot sex session between me and my best friend. The best friend who I hadn't known was gay until that night. The best friend whom I had no business realizing I was in love with a month before my wedding to another woman.

'Let Me Be the One' is a standalone and does not contain any major triggers or heavy themes except for off page animal death. It isn't what I would call 'spicy', instead focusing more on the plot and emotional aspects of their relationship, and it does have a HEA.

Nedra's review:

I have missed the emotional rollercoaster Zayn takes me on during his journey of words. Italian feels so good being back in his brain, with his voice flowing so freely through the words on the page. The battles his characters face have always been genuine concerns, allowing the renders to experience the emotions alongside them.

Aiden and Finn were no different with their life struggles. Feeling for Aiden while he sat idly by watching the love of his life without being able to tell him had to of been difficult enough, but he was forced to watch as his best friend becomes engaged to another woman, my heart shattered into pieces.

These two go through so much in their lifetime. Being the son’s of conservative politicians, expectations to live and act a certain way, added to their personal longings and desires, has me completely wrapped up with my feelings on a ledge. And that ending!! My heart melted and drained from my soul, lying in an AidenFinn puddle of tears.

Let Me Be the One is currently available as an e-book