Every Broken Thing: Far from Ruined, Book 1 by Nikole Knight; Narrated by Nick Newport

Every Broken Thing is an emotional story...

From the blurb:

Two strangers whose paths should never have crossed. One traumatic encounter that brings them together.

After high school senior Silas Brigs is rescued from an attempted assault, he finds himself indebted to a blond stranger. But he wants nothing to do with the calm, quiet Ben Adams. The California diver reminds Silas too much of what brought them together in the first place, an event he just wants to forget. Yet no matter how hard Silas tries to distance himself, the closer the two inevitably gravitate.

With Silas's attacker lurking in the shadows combined with Ben's mysterious history, their blossoming friendship seems doomed to failure. Both are haunted by their shattered pasts, but can they learn to face their demons together? Because, no matter how much Silas wants to resist, they're exactly what the other needs. Even if they don't know it, yet.

Lesetiger's review:

The blurb interested me and therefore I was already very excited about the book. I am overwhelmed, because the story has me already after a few pages in its spell and captivated.

Silas is a high school senior who is alone a lot, but he knows how to handle it. He hides behind his sassy mouth, which doesn't shy away from insults. But he has his heart hidden behind meter-high walls.
When Silas is attacked, Ben Adams, a member of the swim team, rushes to his aid. Not only did I love Silas from the beginning, but I loved Ben as well. Ben is calm and level-headed, kind and caring. And he stays close to Silas after the attack and tries to be there for him.

The author has created great and complex characters. I really liked her writing style, it was easy and light and it was a pleasure to read the book.

The story itself was emotional and suspenseful as the psychopath targeting Silas has yet to be caught. And I couldn't read enough of the relationship between Silas and Ben as it slowly develops. A fascinating book about acceptance. I'm looking forword to the next volume.

Nick Newport is a new to me narrator and he did a good job bringing the story to life. He gives the characters a fitting voice and expresses their feelings well in this emotional story.

Every Broken Thing is available in audiobook, e-book and paperback formats.