B-Mine: MM Rockstar Romance (Wayward Lane Book 2) by Ava Olsen

B-Mine is the second book in the Wayward Lane series, following the lead guitarist of a famous rock band and his bodyguard as they navigate a stalker, a meddling record company, and well meaning bandmates on the way to their HEA.

From the blurb:

Holloway: I’m the lead guitarist for Wayward Lane and I love everything about my rockstar life. Everything except my security detail. All it takes is one obsessed fan and I find myself constantly shadowed by the one bodyguard I love to tease and evade: Dawson Everly. Dawson lives by strict rules, and I’m a free spirit, so naturally, we argue at every turn. But my flirtation and his aggravation is a combustible mix and suddenly I discover there are some orders I don’t mind taking. And those strings I avoid? They start looking pretty good. Thing is, Dawson has a son and I never imagined I’d fall, let alone for a family man.
But every rockstar has their day - is it crazy that I want Dawson to be mine?

Dawson: As a bodyguard for Wayward Lane, I’ve seen all the rockstar shenanigans. The biggest troublemaker? The guy who loves to escape his detail: guitarist, Iain Holloway. He’s stunning, spontaneous, and a pain in my… you get the picture. I’ve tried keeping my professional distance but it’s getting impossible to ignore the attraction between us. But falling for a rockstar is a risk I'm not prepared for. I have an eight-year-old son, Jaxon, who means everything to me. The single dad guilt is hitting hard when I’m on the road and the time has come to make a choice.
Only, my heart doesn’t belong solely to my son anymore. It turns out, Iain has managed to find a way in there too.

B-Mine is a slow burn, single dad, opposites attract, MM rockstar romance filled with fiery chemistry, unexpected love, and a heartfelt HEA.

Sheena's review:

Rockstar romance, age gap, single dad, bodyguard, opposites attract romance. This is the 2nd in the Wayward Lane series, it can be read as a standalone but better if you do read Punk-In first as there's a lot of crossover and shared characters in the two books. This is Dawson and Holloway (Iain)'s story. We met both in the first book and there was some serious chemistry there, as there is here. Dawson is the primary bodyguard for Iain, who's resistant to all attempts to get him to behave and kicks back at all attempts from Dawson to safeguard him. It was fun to watch the interplay between the two before they get together, and to realise that everyone but them sees their obvious connection.

It's a relatively slow build between the two finally getting together, it seems Dawson eventually just bows to the inevitable and realises he needs to be with Iain rather than just be his bodyguard, and then he's all in. The chemistry and heat between the two is intense, and feels natural when they do eventually both give in to it. I think because they have been together so long as bodyguard and primary that the relationship never felt forced, they did know each other pretty well first, and Dawson knew exactly what was the deal before he jumped in.

There's a good stalker plot too, that ramps up the tension and had me really hating the odious record company boss more than I did in the first book (if that was possible because I despised him there too 😂). This is a tense read in places, with lots of heat and two likable MCs. I loved this and can't wait for the next.

Heather's Review:

This book has so many elements to love - age gap, body guard, rock star, opposites attract steamy goodness and a stalker sub-plot that keeps everyone on their toes (once Holloway actually tells people it's happening...)

These two have a lot to get through before getting together and the tension is palpable, but oh so addictive!  I love the way Ava Olsen builds the storyline and the cohesive worldbuilding that makes you feel like you're right there with the band!

I have to say that Jaxon steals the show and I can't wait to see a future spin off with him as the second generation rockstar!

MiKi.J.'s Review:

Wow....where to start ! Book 2 is just as good as book 1.... Iain is hurting and tries to hide it behind his wild ways and who cares attitude, a trainwreck really.....but Dawson sees through it. They may be antagonistic at the start...but somewhere along the way, that turns into real feelings....thought it's not all smooth sailing !! I love that we get to see how their relationship develops - passionate and intense as well as sweet and caring. The characters are brilliant - sassy & bratty alongside caring & steadfast....plus the usual from the rest of them - I was laughing and swoony. And there was an additional suspense thread in there as well....Just brilliant....you can't go wrong with this author !!

B-Mine is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription