ARC & Audiobook Reviews: Zachary (Demons-in-Law, Book 3) by Louisa Master and Audio narrated by Joel Leslie

It's the last of the cousins to find his other half in the Demon In Law series with ZACHARY. In this slow burn these two start off on the wrong foot and need the interference of others to get put back right. 

From the blurb:

A dragon with endless secrets meets a demon with nothing to hide…

I’m the easygoing one. The fun one. The rare member of my family who gets along with anyone. Except there’s a chance I may have got off on the wrong foot with our new dragon liaison, Ronan. In my defense, he rubs everyone the wrong way. The only thing he’s got going for him is his looks… if the miserable frown weren’t there to mar them. But he seems to be trying harder to connect, and I guess I should do the same. Even if his arrival here was the beginning of all my problems.

When I cross the line and guilt compels me to apologize, I get my first glimpse of a different Ronan. Someone who enjoys baking, thinks glitter is amazing, and wants people to like him. Someone I could be friends with. And when that frown disappears? I want more than just friendship.

But there’s something going on with him, something he’s been carrying for a long time. He’s been hurt before, and the secrets he’s keeping are the kind that eat you inside. How can we take things to the next step if he can’t be open with me?

It’s only when he steps up to make all my dreams come true that I realize some secrets need to stay that way… and that loving Ronan means accepting him for who he really is.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

Note to self: When an author tells you that their book is a very slow burn. Believe them. Because this is probably the s l o w e s t burn book I've read in a while. Now don't take that as I didn't enjoy it, cuz I totally did. I just want you to be prepared going in.

Ronan was nothing like I thought he would be and I honestly loved that. Seeing him finally start to come out of his shell after living with dragonkind for over 5 years was heartwarming. Every time he did something "dragon like" and he realized, it was such a surprise to him. He truly felt such a disconnect from his culture and it broke my heart. But who could blame him? He was raised by a psychopathic elf who bound his magic and convinced him of so many lies. Trauma like that takes time to heal. And sometimes a little distance. And it doesn't get much more distant than a remote mountain town where it snows most of the year.

Zac was kind of a brat in the beginning of this book. To be fair, he was dealing with his own personal issues, but that didn't mean he had to take out his frustration on Ronan. I have to give credit where credit is due though. Zac put on his big boy demon pants and made things right. It was cute seeing the two of them fumble around trying to be friends after getting off to a rocky start. I also really liked how patient Zac was with Ronan. It was exactly what Ronan needed and I feel like it helped to make them stronger as a couple.

The friend chat Ronan had going on made me laugh so hard. All their little tidbits of advice were of course all over the place, but it truly came from the love of their friend. The epilogue was super cute. It was great to see Ronan and Zac still blissfully happy years later. And the moment Ronan had with Steffen? Yeah, I may have almost teared up a bit. I'm sad this is the last in this series as I love this Universe, but I am definitely looking forward to Higher Demon which is a spin-off of the Ghostly Guardians series coming next!

Molly Otto's review:

Demons in Law book 3 is the continuation of the storyline of the Hortzplatz demons and their need to integrate other species to their home to make all lives around them better.

This time, we get Zachary (Zac) and Ronan (Steffan's long lost twin from Here Be Dragons series) who set off on the wrong footing. Ronan is such a beautifully complex character. You feel his pain of never really knowing who he truly is until he gets this chance to be free. Zac sick of family obligation takes it out on Ronan until he sees the error of his ways, and when he does, a beautiful friendship begins. These two are just so dang sweet for each other and help build each other up. When they actually become friends, it's a beautiful thing to see.

As with most Louisa books, this is the right combination of heart and humor, leaving us with all the feels. That ending just hit me with all the feels just the right balance of sweet and zany that we've all come to know and love from this world.These two now own me, and I can not wait to see if Louisa will be able to top this couple and their beautiful collection of family and friends.

Audio update: Joel Leslie once again shows why he is the right narrator for this series of a Louisa Masters. He brings the right amount of humor and seriousness to these beautiful characters. These books for me are no questions asked buys on audio the stories are just that much better when brought to the audio format.

ZACHARY is currently available as an audiobook from the author's website and Amazon, as well as an e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription