The Wild Within: A Brother's Best Friend MM Romance (The Collective) by Gwen Martin

We are back to the Collective to see the new lives being changed with the work Toryn and Leon put into helping their community. THE WILD WITHIN is a slow burn, low heat mental health representative book with all the feels and emotions of learning to be your true self and being aware of your mental health. 

From the blurb:

Duncan Maxwell’s days revolve around helping others, so when his best friend needs Duncan to drive his younger brother around, he doesn’t hesitate to say yes. A little less sleep is an easy price to pay to improve someone else’s life, and many of Chance’s appointments are at The Collective, where he volunteers. It also doesn’t hurt that Chance is charming, funny, and...attractive.

Chance’s world spirals into a blur of adjusted medications and support groups and therapy appointments after his recent bipolar diagnosis. He can’t complain, though, because most people don’t have the support that his brother affords him. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, he focuses on not being a burden and searches for life beyond his diagnosis—maybe even a life with Duncan.

But while Chance struggles to tame the wildness within himself, he watches Duncan silently push himself past the brink of exhaustion. In his desperate attempts to help find balance, has Chance caused Duncan to destroy his own?

Molly Otto's Review:

The Wild Within is how mental health awareness books should be handled! The story is more about Chance building himself back up from rock bottom by receiving a correct diagnosis and learning to see those signs and living his best life. Then enter Duncan, Chances brothers best friend, who is nothing but a rock of support and guidance without pushing Chance too hard, just go with the flow and build to a better future. This book is about the growth of the characters and other members of the Collective to have a brighter future.

Yes, this is a low heat slow burn, but with everything else happening in the storyline, it was necessary to be true to the mental health aspect. It is a truly moving piece of work that I hope the author continues throughout the Collective series.

Rating: 5 Stars

The Wild Within is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.