The Kite and Tallowwood Christmas Crossover by N.R. Walker

Two of our favorite couples are back in
THE KITE AND TALLOWOOD CHRISTMAS CROSSOVER! The promising start of what looks to be an all new adventure of our now retired assassins and the local TALLOWOOD law.
From the blurb:

Harry and Asher are living peacefully on the North Coast of NSW. Life is quiet, boring, and utterly perfect. Though coming from a life of danger and excitement, Harry worries that Asher will grow bored
of the “normal” life. He misses the adrenaline, the action, and most of all, he misses his “baby.”
So Harry goes against his own better judgement and organises a special Christmas gift for Asher.
Life has been picture-perfect in the sleepy little town of Tallowwood. Since the horrors of the murder trial ended, Jake and August couldn’t be happier. Tallowwood was unassuming and uneventful—just how they liked it.
Even the town’s newest residents are decidedly normal. On paper, that is. In person, August isn’t so sure. He’d done background checks on them when they’d first arrived and found nothing, but something about them was off.
But when the Coffs Coast Gun Club sends an application for a Christmas gala day and a familiar name catches his eye, August is determined to meet the newcomers in an official capacity. He wants to see if his hunch is correct.
What was a surprise Christmas gift for Asher, might just unbox a whole can of worms.

An 11,000-word short story.

Molly Otto's Review:

What a perfect sneak of showing two of my favorite couples after their stories to see what they've been up to, with the intrigue of what is next to come!

Retirement for Harry and Asher is simple and peaceful. They just need to scratch that itch once in a while, and why not play at the local gun show! Too bad that brings August and Jake's sights on them and oh boy, I can not wait to see what NR has in store next for these couples. 

Unrated under the new system.

The Kite and Tallowwood Christmas Crossover is available to buy in Kindle format.