Starborn Husbands: Return to the Pleiades by S. Legend

A space adventure from Mock. S. Legend opens a new series with Starborn Husbands.

From the blurb:

When Guardian Treyu Orion is accused of negligence on the job, he’s sentenced to death. Totally overboard, right? Yeah, but the Guild is full of stars who hate Orions. Prince Zhang Centaurus comes to the rescue with an arranged marriage. Why would Zhang do this? They’ve been frenemies since they set eyes on each other. Most likely it’s an evil scheme to have Treyu come to heel because once they’re married, Pleiadian customs dictate that he obeys his husband.

How convenient.

Atlanta Orion is in love, but he doesn’t know how to say it because he’s basically a caveman with feelings. Instead, he gives up his title, family, and home to run away with his beloved, Gemini Centaurus, the crown prince of the Nebula, when the king rejects his impromptu proposal. There. That should do it. No words necessary. Atlanta will make sure to kiss Gemini lots too.

They just have to never get caught.

If the soap opera-esque life of these four men wasn’t enough, someone wants Treyu dead. The Archangel Merrick, Treyu’s jealous and possessive ex-situationship, thinks he’s the only one who can protect Treyu properly. He swoops in and all chaos breaks loose.

Amidst their drama, these men unlock a scheme so sinister it’ll require that they put aside their petty feuds and work together to save the universe.

Starborn Husbands is a frenemies-to-lovers MM novel, the first in the Return to the Pleiades series. It contains the caretaking dynamic Mock (S. Legend) is known for. This book is a certified member of the Hot Pink Peaches Club.

Jacquie's Review:

I finished this in the early hours of the morning, and just wow! It's stayed with me.

Starborn Husbands has a lot of detailed world-building, but it isn't given as an info dump. It is woven into the story well. I thought the idea of stars, the way angels and gods worked, was fascinating. I'm sure the questions that I have about Treyu's enlightenment will be answered in other books, because there has to be more!

Although there is a HEA/HFN ending, there's still a lot to answer and the overarching plot isn't done.

While it is a poly book, it is a very slow burn on that aspect. It isn't actually all that steamy, to me anyway, compared to other S. Legend books, focusing more on the character development and story. I loved that about it because though I may enjoy a good spanking scene, there really wasn't the time in the fast-paced story for it.

This one is going to live rent free in my head for a bit. Loved it!

Rating: 5 Stars

GaleM's review:

Yes, S.Legend did it again! She took some kind of bizzare and unusual concept and turned it into a vivid, wild, out of this world reading experience! Because Stars and constellations aren't just the blinking lights which we can see in the night sky - here, in this story they are ancient sentient beings with life expectancy that spans over millenias. They aren't just guardians of the Galaxy and Earth but also have their own civilization, customs, culture and life, vastly different than ours. The one thing in common is that they aren't immune to emotions and the millenias of living amplify every one of them. Rivalries, feuds, love, hatred, betrayal, ambitions are interwoven in a fascinating web of complicated relationships that seems never ending. And living for so long means entertainment has a whole new level of understanding - vanilla just can't cut it and the stars have all the time to learn and explore...This author never disappoints in delivering a refreshing portion of her love for spankings, domestic discipline, sensual servitude and a galore of kinks.

While the beginning is a bit slow, because such complex world-building requires a solid and understandable foundation, the level of heat is completely in tune with the story's development and quickly reaches impressive levels.

And that's where the characters come in - I love the way S. Legend creates these vibrant, chaotic, emotionally complex puzzles of personalities - there just wasn't a dull moment or an ounce of predictability as I tried to follow all the threads and nuances of relationships created and developed over time frames far larger than a human lifetime. And while the relationships of Treyu,Zhang and Merrick were the focus of this story, the author created an exciting backdrop of secondary relationships and supporting characters that I would love to see in future books.

Treyu isn't an easy character to love. He is literally the embodiment of Trouble and a magnet for pure mayhem. But step by step I was drawn into the circle of his unusual charisma. I admired his resilience and defiance, the passionate way he embraced any challenge or threw himself into any danger. Maybe it wasn't the logical survival instinct, but he was his true, genuine self. Zhang and Merrick weren't my cup of tea as personalities, but they were the keys who could contain his brattiness and tame the chaos that surrounded him.

If you are a fan of polyamory, kinky action and the thrill of danger, this is a book you shouldn't skip.

Starborn Husbands is available to buy in ebook format.