Risk the Fall By: Riley Hart Narrated by: Kale Williams

Kale Williams has again proven why human narrators are the way to go in RISK THE FALL.

From the blurb:


I’ve never been great at letting people in. Life is easier if I bury my feelings. People tend to let you down, which is only proven when my best friend, Rex, accidentally kills a man and lets me take the fall.

When I get out of prison, the last thing I want is to go back to Clayton, Oregon, but it’s where my
grandma lives, the only person who’s always had my back. My plan is to stay out of trouble, steer clear of my old crew, save up, and the second we can, leave town for good.


I want nothing to do with my family and their illegal activities. With Riven back, I worry things will get worse. He and Rex have always brought out the worst in each other, but then I discover Riven went to prison for something my brother did, and my family isn’t happy to have him home.

Riven wants nothing to do with me, and I don’t blame him. But like a moth to the flame, I’m drawn to him. It starts out as mutual lust, Riven sating the pleasure he craves, while I get to fulfill my first-crush fantasies. But with every moment, I see there’s more to Riv than anyone knows.

Not everyone would see him as a good man, but to me, he’s the boy who used to try to keep my family’s lifestyle from becoming mine.

And now he’s the man who risked his heart to fall in love with me…and the one who’d risk more to protect me.

Risk the Fall is an ex-best friend’s brother romance that contains violence, drug use, crime, and death of a non-main character.

Molly Otto's Review:

Let's start this off by saying this wasn't nearly as angsty as the blurb leads you to believe. Riven takes the fall for a crime he didn't commit to protect the one person who always loved him and pays the price. Parrish has always been different from the rest of his family, and when his life is mixed up again with Riven, he does what no one else will: he gives the man a chance.

This story is about taking chances and believing that just because of your past mistakes doesn't make you that person forever. There is some angst because of the family and some threats that keep popping up to keep Parrish and Riven in line, but never of this central couple. They show you can build a better life. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it can be better from the circumstances you were born into.

Risk the Fall audio review 

Kale Williams shows us how much emotion he can evoke with the beautiful words of Riley Hart by making an already great book spectacular. You are easily able to distinguish the difference in the characters, so know whose point of view each chapter is. Don't hesitate on this audibook, truly amazing.

Rating: 5 Stars

Risk the Fall is available to buy from Audible