Reimagine: MX Roommates to Lovers Romance (Blue Mountain University Book 4) by A.E. Madsen

Part of the Blue Mountain University series, AE Madsen delves into topics not many authors will attempt in the college age genre. REIMAGINE fills a void in the literary world that I hope more authors do so beautifully in the future. 

From the blurb:

Blue Mountain University 4


I'm on the verge of turning thirty and my little sister is getting married before me. It's not that I don't
want to settle down and be an adult. I have a good job, I own my house, but so far a relationship hasn't been in the cards. Not that I can admit that when my sister offers to set me up with one of her bridesmaids. I may have lied about having a date, but I'm not showing up to the wedding alone. Taking my new roommate probably isn't what anyone had in mind, but there's something about Elliot that draws me in.


I wasn't planning on moving out. When I ran into a old family friend with a room to rent, it all kind of fell together. Just like offering to be his date for his sister's wedding. I should know better than this. Fake dating my straight childhood crush is a recipe for heart break. Wearing makeup or femme clothes won't turn me into the girl he's looking for. But if all of this is fake, why does it feel so real when he kisses me?

Reimagine is a MX pan-awakening roommates to lovers romance novel featuring a femme nonbinary main character and the man who loves them just the way they are. Although this is book four of the series it does standalone.

Angel's review:

I really, really, enjoyed this story! I thought the flow of the story was really great, all of the characters feathered made sense and had a reason to be there, for the most part anyway. Our MC's worked really well together, I absolutely adore how supportive Travis is of Elliot, and how he constantly reassures him. I thought that was really sweet, and I enjoyed that his character was supportive and understanding.

As someone who identifies as Ace I could really relate to Elliot's character, I've read a few books that have had characters who identify as asexual, but none that I've really related to. But when Elliot's character described what asexual means to them I felt seen. Cause how he feels is how I feel, for the most part anyway. I loved being able to relate to a character on that profound level, and I really appreciate how the author made it known that being Ace can be different depending on the person.

While the MC's relationship did develop kind of quickly I enjoyed it, it didn't feel rushed or forced, their relationship just slowed naturally. I loved how they prioritized communication, and made sure to check in with one another. My favorite part about this story was how sex wasn't made into this big deal. I feel like often times in romance books people assume you can't have romance without sex, which isn't true. And this story showcased that really beautifully. Was there stilk spicy scenes in this book? Yes. But that wasn't the focal point of their relationship, which I really enjoyed and appreciated.

One thing that I want to point out is how Elliot's sister and dad was mentioned, but after that there wasn't much else... Elliot's dad never because part of the story, and aside from the one scene Elliot's sister was in, she was just a character that was briefly mentioned. Other than that though, a really great romance story!!

Molly Otto's Review:

Will say the romance of this story was more a side part of the overall story vs. building confidence in being your true self. The age gap really was a non question because, really, Elliot is wise beyond their years. They just lack the confidence to be their true self. Travis is the perfect partner in helping them become confident in themselves. 

Yes, the romance isn't a whirlwind, but sometimes you just need this simple build-up to find your perfect partner. Overall, it is a great non binary and ace representation that I full heartedly believe we need more of in the literary world. Will read more books from this author in the future.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reimagine is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.