Puck Around and Find Out by Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory


The latest spin-off series in the New Gothenburg world takes us to New Gothenburg with Puck Around and Find Out.

From the blurb:

Ex-Figure Skater – Speed Demon Hockey Player
Wystan Finch is killing it as a hockey player after leaving Olympic figure skating due to a breakdown. A scholarship leads him to New Gothenburg University, where he joins the Polar Storms, but his arrival isn’t all fun and games. One of his teammates, Atlas, hates him from the moment he arrives. Wystan doesn’t understand why Atlas dislikes him so much, but he takes joy in irritating Atlas whenever he can. If Wystan feels more toward his rival, that’s only his business.

Captain – Or Else
Everything Atlas Frosteson wants is within his grasp. His one goal in life is to become the captain of the Polar Storms. On the day when his dream should come true, he loses the team vote to a hotshot new player, Wystan. When hate turns into something more, Atlas fights against the emotions that threaten to ruin everything he has worked hard for. His father would never forgive him or be proud of him if he gave in to the temptation of chasing after Wystan.

Hate Twists into a New Feeling
No matter which direction Atlas turns, Wystan is always there, both on and off the ice. Atlas is infuriated when his father starts dating Wystan’s mother, bringing them closer in proximity. Atlas’s obsession with Wystan could destroy his hockey career, yet he can’t get enough.

In the end, will Atlas succeed in getting rid of Wystan and taking his life back? And if he does, will he regret it?

Heather's Review:

Almost step-brothers, rivals, college seniors... and serious hate-f***ing... wow - this book just takes you on a roller coaster ride as Wystan and Atlas churn up the ice and the bedroom... toss in a ton of family issues and you have Puck Around and Find Out.

This book was a non-stop ride and I was holding on for it!  If you like a lot of angst, drama and heat then add Puck Around and Find Out to your tbr today!

Rating: 5 Stars