Predatory Obsession (The Lupo Syndicate Book 1) by Trinity Black

A relationship that should not be. Dante, head of the Lupo syndicate, has been attracted to his bff's younger brother for years and Matteo, the younger brother has had a crush on Dante for years, but due to the nature of Dante's business he doesn't want Matteo involved. Predatory Obsession is a mafia daddy romance.

From the blurb:

They underestimate me.

I've always been “the pretty boy.”
My enemies think I am weak and will crack under pressure.
Kidnapped, tortured, beaten, starved…
I do not give in. I do not break.
I know the Lupos will come for me.
But I never expect it to be Dante, the Boss himself, the man of my deepest desires…

No one harms the one I love and gets away with it.

Matteo is the younger brother of my consigliere.
I shouldn’t fall for him, but I do…
He is my soulmate. My obsession.
My rivals take him, torture him, nearly kill him…
They will get what is coming to them.
I am the predator and now they are my prey…

But with betrayal around every corner, we’re unsure who to trust. Can I keep the love of my life safe as enemy attacks escalate?

Note: Predatory Obsession is a hurt-comfort MM Daddy Romance with morally ambiguous characters. This age gap story features steamy scenes, gratuitous violence, and an overprotective Daddy doing everything to keep his boy safe. Guaranteed HEA with no cliffhanger.

Reedkaye's Review:

This is the first book I’ve read by this author. This blurb grabbed me from the beginning. There is a lot going on here. Age gap, bff’s brother and forbidden romance.  

Dante has been trained since he was five to run the Lupo Syndicate. He does so successfully, but when Matteo is kidnapped, things get a little out of hand for Dante.

Matteo is the younger brother of Dante’s consigliere, Angelo.  Angelo and Dante have grown up and been trained together from when they were youngsters. When Angelo’s parents are killed, he assumes guardianship of his younger brother, Matteo.  

Matteo’s life is sort of outside the syndicate’s business, but when returning home from school to visit Angelo, he is mistaken for Angelo and kidnapped.  

What Dante goes through to find Matteo and deal with him and how Dante deals with traitors kept the story moving right along. I enjoyed the story and hope to read more about these characters. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Predatory Obsession is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.