Lube Job, Big Bull Mechanics, Book 5 By: K.M. Neuhold Narrated by: Tim Paige, Liam DiCosimo

Yet again Liam & Tim prove why they are the perfect narrators for KM Neuhold in LUBE JOB. Perfect balance of comedy, heat and heart!

From the blurb:

The only thing bigger than Riggs’ attitude is his tool… And only one of those problems can be
solved with more lube….

There's no tragic backstory or closet stuffed full of skeletons from relationships’ past. I've just never been very good at the “very special episode” sh*t. If you're looking for a shoulder to cry on, may I suggest a therapist?

Casual fun with my emotionally stunted, overgrown frat boy roommate slash co-worker should be perfect, right? Shep seems to be just as allergic to commitment as I am to emotions, but that doesn't mean we don't need our stroker rods serviced, if you catch my drift.

Now if he'll just stop looking at me with those dopey puppy dog eyes while I'm elbow deep in a diesel engine, and making my stomach flip with that smile of his, that would be great…

Molly Otto's Review:

Kyleen has proven yet again that she is able to write all sexual identities in a not only relatable but heartfelt way. Riggs is a prickly twink that instills fear amongst the big bull mechanics even though he's half their size by being is openly beautiful growly self. Shep is one of those who lives for the one-night stand yet is still loveable. When these two share a space, what could go wrong? The chemistry is top-notch; the banter is so good that you can't help but lol and smile the whole ride. It is a perfect way to conclude yet another memorable series from Kyleen.

Audio review 

Liam Dicosimo and Tim Paige prove yet again why they were meant for the writing of KM Neuhold.  They bring the humor, heat, and heart to life to make a great book even better. It's just a pairing that without fail works every time. Hope to see these two in future series from her.

Rating: 5 Stars

Lube Job is available to buy from Audible and is Whispersynced.