Jalen & Colby: A MMM Christmas Daddy Romance by HJ Welch


Helen Juliet writing as HJ Welch gives us a special MMM treat with their contribution to the multi-author A Daddy for Christmas series with Jalen & Colby.

From the blurb:

One Daddy, two boys, and the epic road trip that brings them together


While selling a bunch of stuff that’s been sitting in storage here in Sydney, I end up with two guys aggressively bidding on the same childhood toys. I worry I’ve got a fight on my hands until I realize they’re actually best friends trying to buy them for each other as a Christmas gift. The solution? Simple! They live right here in the city, so I hand-deliver the present for both of them to share. What’s not so simple is how adorable these young men are. How gorgeous. How the more time we spend together, the more it’s starting to feel like love…


Of course I love my BFF, Colby. Duh. I moved from California to Australia for him! But as much as I want him to be mine, I know I’m a walking disaster, and he needs someone better than me to take care of him. Someone like Andreas. He appears in our life like a Christmas miracle, looking after both of us like some sort of dream Daddy. It doesn’t hurt that he’s not only successful but also crazy generous. He seems to adore spoiling us, so when he offers to take us on an amazing trip back to his home in the UK for the holidays, how can we refuse? And if we just happen to accidentally fall into bed together, would that be so terrible?


Thanks to the power of the internet, Jalen has been there for me for years when my own family turned their backs on me. But even after we moved in together, I know he just sees me as a friend. He’s too fabulous, too bright, too beautiful for shy little me, so I’ve never said a word. However, something strange starts happening the more time we spend with our new friend, Andreas. The older man gives the most amazing cuddles and can’t seem to stop showering me and Jalen with gifts. Traveling to England feels like something from a fairy tale, but what’s even more unbelievable is the way his eyes light up when he’s with me and my best friend. Am I crazy? Could three really be the magic number?

Jalen & Colbey is part of A Daddy for Christmas, a multi-author series. All the books are standalones, but each Daddy has a unique gift for his wonderful boy (or boys). Except all boys know that sometimes Santa gets it wrong, and it’s going to take a very special Daddy to make it right. So why not stay and read them all?

Heather's Review:

I was a very bad girl and read this straight through while sitting at my desk at work... luckily it's the last week of programs and I only had to make sure the building was secure, but I digress... Jalen & Colby was such a pleasure to read that I couldn't put it down... Sweet BFF's, a Daddy who stumbles upon them and the absolutely enchanting holiday that evolves as they get to know each other better.  I love how both Jalen and Colby put their friend first and that Andreas has enough love for both of them!

Colby is such a shy, sweet guy and Jalen is a sparkly, in your face queer, but they're both perfect for the Daddy who just wants to watch them love on each other... and well... participate too!

This book was everything I expect from an HJ Welch story - sweet, steamy, character-driven kinky goodness!  

Rating; 5 Stars

Jalen & Colby is currently available in kindle e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.