Help! I'm the Big City Boy in My Christmas Comfort Movie (Holiday Havens Book 1) by Joel Abernathy

Help! I'm the Big City Boy in My Christmas Comfort Movie, the first of the Holiday Havens series introduces a whole new world (or group of worlds!) of sweet holiday themed romances.

From the blurb:

Merry Christmas... FOREVER.

If there’s anyone who can help Matthew Harrington get over his broken heart, it’s the man who made him believe in love in the first place.

Unfortunately, Ben Clark, the six-foot-six Christmas tree farmer with soulful blue eyes and rugged good looks, is literally too good to be true—he’s the love interest in Mistletoe Hollow, Matthew's favorite Christmas comfort movie.

Matthew wishes he could find a guy like Ben after his ex runs off with another man, but his wish comes a little too true. When he puts Mistletoe Hollow on in hopes of raising his spirits only to literally get sucked into the movie, he's rescued by none other than Ben himself.

Is a little holiday magic really enough to bridge their worlds and give them a happily-ever-after even a cynical city boy can’t resist?


Author's Note: This is a standalone holiday romance with a magical isekai twist. Filled with found family in a small town where it's always Christmas, a cursed VCR player, peppermint when (and where) you least expect it, well-meaning interdimensional interlopers, and creative uses for candy canes that are definitely not Santa-approved.

Jacquie's Review:

Help! I'm the Big City Boy in My Christmas Comfort Movie felt like a mix of Bro and the Beast (The Wolf's Mate series written under L.C. Davis) and The Nightmare Before Christmas and I just loved it.

Sweet and steamy. It was a lovely Christmas story that hit the spot. It was easy to root for Matthew to take this fresh start and new love with Ben in Mistletoe Hollow.

I adored the size difference thing they had on, and despite being straight before he met Matthew, Ben doesn't hesitate to go for what he wants, which is Matthew naked as often as possible! That man is gifted!

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

"I was still in Mistletoe Hollow.

Literally still in Mistletoe Hollow.

And Ben Clark had fucked me in the ass."

Despite what my opening quote is about, this was an absolutely whimsical, Hallmarky, low angst read by Joel Abernathy. Everyone in the town of Mistletoe Hollow was absolutely lovely and completely crazy about Christmas. After all, it's always Christmas time in Mistletoe Hollow. I loved how well Matthew and Ben fit together. They were just so sweet. Their romance was like a fairytale, and in a way, I guess it almost is. It was certainly magical.

For as wholesome as the romance was, the steam was downright filthy. I don't think I'll look at giant candy canes the same way again! I'll tell you that Ben has the stamina of an ox! And he's built like one, too. Lumbersexual I think it's called. I do hope Joel continues writing another book in this series. There are so many other worlds to explore, and I'm hoping Ben's brother Jake can find someone of his own to love.

Rating: 5 Stars

Help! I'm the Big City Boy in My Christmas Comfort Movie is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.