Drag Me Down (Fallen Legends: A Rockstar Saga Book 1) by Abigail Glenn

This rock star, second chance, gay awakening story has it all. Two broken guys facing so many life issues try to find a way for this attraction to be a possibility. Drag Me Down is the start of a new series from Abigail Glenn.

From the blurb:

Drag Me Down is a full-length, mature MM (male/male) rockstar romance with dark themes.


He can’t keep his eyes or his hands to himself. Metal god, the fans call him. At the pinnacle of his career. It’s obvious he wants more than a musical collaboration. He wants something I can never give him. A heart that is whole. Falling for Hail would prove detrimental. It would mean no more running from the pain I’ve worked so hard to numb. Though, his southern charm and whiskey eyes are becoming so hard to resist...


I’ve never met anyone like him, a dark-haired angel with the sultry voice of the devil. He wore a mask to hide from the world, his past performances becoming something near legendary. Until he vanished from the music industry. I ache to uncover his secrets and piece him back together. But loving Z after tragedy stole him away isn’t easy. When I’m at my best, his darkness threatens to drag me down. It seeks to shatter my heart in a mirror image of his own. And if the world ever discovered who he really is, they would steal those few remaining pieces of him left, taking me along with them.

Reedkaye's Review:

Drag Me Down is the first I’ve read by this author. Since it appears this is a relatively new author I’m impresses at the depth and flow are so well done.

I don’t usually care much for rock star stories, they tend to follow the same sort of storyline, but something made me decide to read this one and I’m glad I did. It is not the usual. There is so much emotional history to the characters and the development of the characters had a way of grabbing me.
I started out really feeling bad for Z, but as the story progressed, I came to have much different feelings for him. While I believe in second chances, sometimes I feel people need to be accountable for their actions. I’m not sure that happens.

Hail, on the other hand, I found so lovable. He really got dealt a bad hand with his parents and brother.  At one point I wanted him to just walk away from Z.  Thank goodness he had his bff Liam. He really plays a big part in this story and I can’t wait to read his story.

I really enjoyed this story and even though it appears the next in the series is a MF, I probably will read it just because I liked Liam so much.

Rating: 5 Stars

KjnRose's Review:

I would suggest making sure you have plenty of time to read when you sit down with this book, you won't be able to put it down.  

This book does have some mental health representation, so if you have triggers with it, this might not be the book for you.  

Hail and Z were just so good together, such a great read.

Rating: 5 Stars

Drag Me Down is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.