City of Blood, Godstone Saga, Book 6 By: Jocelynn Drake Narrated by: Kale Williams

Jacquie finished the Godstone Saga with the final book, City of Blood, and wanted to re-listen to them all again.

From the blurb:

The Final Confrontation

Caelan is done being a pawn of the gods.

He’s been herded and molded by the liars and manipulators.

He’s put the lives of his family in danger again and again.

And he is done.

It’s time to face the mad Goddess of the Hunt in the last place any of them want to go—the Ordas.

If they’re lucky, the special assistance he’s called in will arrive in time.

But no matter what, Caelan will protect his family…at any cost.

City of Blood is the sixth and final book of the Godstone Saga series and is not a stand-alone. The fantasy with a modern twist contains danger, secrets, broken gods, desperate kisses, dragons, possessive boyfriends, magic, lots of delicious angst, and one last round of a deadly game.

Jacquie's Review:

This entire series goes on my re-read/re-listen pile for a few reasons:

The detailed plot. There are subplots and an overarching plot with plenty of detail.

The world-building. All the countries, the cultures, everything was so well done!

The romance. By the end there are almost 3 couples to root for. 2 established and so in love with each other. Yes, the steam is on the lower side and it is a sloooow burn for Caelan and Drayce, but I liked that about this series. I wanted the adventure with a side of love.

Found family. That is a heavy theme throughout the series and I'm a big fan of family being the ones you choose for yourself.

I really liked how it ended - leaving room for spin off adventures and a return to them later. I'm off to read the short stories!

As for the audio, I listened to the entire series and found the narrator great to listen to. The cadence was perfect, the characters distinct throughout, and there were plenty of times that nearly had me crying!

Well worth a listen!

Rating: 5 Stars

City of Blood is available to buy from Audible and is Whispersynced.