Catered All the Way: An MM Holiday Christmas Romance by Annabeth Albert

A possible holiday fling with the man he's been crushing on for years, Zeb has no problem finally giving it a shot. When Atlas agrees, Zeb knows his heart will break when Atlas has to leave again, but he's willing to have the chance at a special Christmas shared with Atlas. A sweet military man and a caring gamer try to make their holiday wishes come true. Catered All the Way is a new holiday romance from Annabeth Albert.

From the blurb:

Tis the season for a hopeless crush on my older brother’s best friend…

This year will be different. I’m all grown up, my gaming channel is a huge success, and I finally have the confidence to make my move on Atlas Orion, the hottest chief in the navy.

However, I don’t intend for my smooth move to be covering Atlas in cranberry sauce. Not at all how I want to reintroduce myself to my new roomie and coworker. Atlas is in town to help save Seasons, my family’s historic holiday gift shop and event space. Seasons is booked solid with catered parties, so we need to avoid any more disasters.

Like my malfunctioning air mattress. We’re down to one bed, two dudes, and a whole lot of holiday-fling temptation. Atlas has never been with a guy, but I don’t have to do much persuading. And what better way to explore than a secret romp? No strings, and no one has to know.

The problem? With every passing week, I fall harder for Atlas, who’s far more than his drool-worthy muscles and heroic job. He’s kind, funny, makes me breakfast in bed, and each midnight snowball fight brings us that much closer to heartbreak.

Atlas can’t stay in Kringle’s Crossing forever, and I can’t imagine leaving the only place I’ve called home. Our feelings run deep, but is it a holiday illusion? Can we find our way to a lasting future?

CATERED ALL THE WAY is a brand-new, full-length holiday romance from the beloved author of THE GEEK WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS. Lovers of stand-alone swoon-worthy Christmas stories will fall for this geek + military pairing. Full of spicy first times, bisexual awakening, quirky small-town residents, and guest appearances from some fan-favorite characters, this only one bed, brother’s best friend romance is sure to find a place under many trees! Dual POV and the happiest of endings guaranteed.

SNik's Review:

Standalone. Brother’s best friend. Bi-awakening. Close proximity/one bed. Found family. Dual POV. 

Zeb has had a crush on Atlas for years, and maybe this holiday season, while taking a break from his gaming streaming to help with the family catering business, Zeb will get his chance since Atlas will finally be in town for a few weeks on leave from the Navy. 

For Atlas, Kringle’s Crossing is the closest thing to a hometown, where his cousin is married to his best friend, and seeing his friend’s younger brother Zeb again brings all kinds of feelings of attraction Atlas has never felt before. 

A sweet holiday romance that has to end once Atlas returns to his job. There are tons of honest conversations, intimate dinners, friendship building, gaming and snowball fights, and tons of steamy interactions between Atlas and Zeb. 

I really appreciated that Atlas had no problem being in or starting a relationship with another man, and that both men had strong feelings for each other and were determined to try to make a future work. 

Loved the HEA and only wished the author had shown them 5 years down the line for even more swoon.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

This is a standalone Christmas story, with brother's best friend, bi/gay/pan/demi awakening with a side order of only one bed, some denial and festive spirit galore.  

Both Zeb and Orion are very likable MCs, with Zeb having had a crush on Orion for years, and Orion being completely oblivious and unaware, mostly due to being away for so due to his job with the Navy SEALS. I liked Zeb very much. His love for his family is very evident, even when his brother is being more than a bit overbearing. I felt for Orion too, having almost nobody and nothing in the way of family other than Gabe and, by extension, Zeb, who he doesn't really know at all until they're thrown together.

I love found family, and I loved seeing Orion finally get the happiness he deserves, especially after finding out how neglectful his own blood family is. I loved how he was supportive of Zeb and his career, even when it seemed nobody else was. It was so much fun to see them getting closer together, and finally giving in to their feelings for each other. It's low angst, with plenty of heat and sweet moments between the two as their friendship and then romance grows. It's pretty swoon-worthy with plenty of lovely moments and just about the sweetest ending you could imagine. It's everything you could want in a Christmas story, and I really enjoyed spending time getting to know these two.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

You had me at brother's best friend... best friend's brother, but add in a bisexual awakening and a little holiday magic and you get a swoon worthy holiday read that balanced sweet, steamy and holiday really well.

I love that Zeb comes into his own and starts to stand up for himself more.  I love that Orion gets to experience a family holiday and I love the way they both rally to support Gabe and the babies... I also love how this book explored the idea of home and what that meant.

Rating: 5 Stars

Catered All the Way is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.