A World Apart (Learning to Breathe Book 2) by Carole Cummings & Andy Gallo

Back again with Cam and Nathan, as they are finally inducted into the military to complete specialized secret missions on the discovered parallel universes. Nathan is a powerhouse talent with plenty of training but wants to focus on moving in with Cam, not on their upcoming dangerous mission. And Cam still refuses to leave Nathan's side, on their planet or any other. A World Apart is book 2 in the Learning to Breathe series.

From the blurb:

There are an infinite number of universes and each has its own story. Not all of them have happy endings.

Two years after he nearly died, Nathan Duffy is living his dream. He and Camilo are finally the ‘them’
Nathan always wanted. But Nathan quickly learns everything comes with a price. The military gave him experimental implants that help him walk again, but he’s drafted and assigned to a dangerous, special ops, off-world unit. He and Camilo are together, but the military assigns Cam to the same dangerous mission. Nathan knows he’d do everything he can to keep Cam safe, even sacrifice himself to save the man he loves.

Two years after he nearly lost the only man he’s ever loved, Camilo Almenara refuses to let anything come between him and Nathan. Not his father, the military, nor Nathan’s irrational belief that only Cam’s life mattered. To ensure the man he loves comes home, Cam makes sure he is assigned to the same off world mission as Nathan. He knows the assignment is dangerous, but he believes they are stronger together than apart.

Misfortune strikes the operation, and two team members are captured. Nathan is forced assumes command and must work a resistance movement he doesn’t fully trust. The plan to rescue their friends hit unexpected resistance and Nathan cuts off communications with everyone in an attempt to save them all. Faced with his worst nightmare come true, Cam races to reach Nathan and convince him not to give up on ‘them.’

A World Apart is the 100K sequel to A World Away. It follows the established couple as they fight to build a life together in a dangerous world. This book includes an alternative universe, the continuation of a romance, and more selflessness as the two best friends struggle to transition from friends to lovers.

SNik's Review:

Second in series (Learning to Breathe), must be read in order. Paranormal/science fiction. Established couple. No burn. Dual POV. 

Cam and Nathan have spent the last couple of years training and preparing for their new military positions as an infiltrating group tasked with recruiting those with talent from the other found parallel universes. 

Once they are deployed on their mission, Cam and Nathan have to juggle all sorts of interactions with their team, their contacts in the new universe, as well as each other, and are forced to take on new responsibilities in the face of danger. 

Once again, there is plenty of intrigue and action. This time, both Cam and Nathan are feeling more comfortable with their powers and their relationship. 

This book was not so much a romance as an entertaining paranormal story with likable characters and constant hurdles to overcome and two main characters that are committed to each other no matter what the universe throws their way.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Angel's Review:

I love this series!! As soon as I saw the form to sign up for this book, I immediately did so. I've been thinking about this world and these characters ever since I finished the first book. These characters just completely captivate me, and hold my attention until the very end. This book, in particular, was even more action packed than the first one! Full of battles, growth, learning how to wield their powers, and how to lead when you aren't ready to. 

There honestly isn't much I can say without giving away spoilers, so I'm going to stick to the basics of what I liked. I loved the way this book, along with the first one, was written. It's written in such a believable and detailed way that it's like an action movie! At least, that's how my brain works. I loved how everything was explained, from Nathan's comparisons of what his powers feel like, to Cam's scientific breakdown of all the different parallel universes, and how each version of the self is connected in one way or another. I found that so interesting to learn about and it was written in a way that it was easily understandable and it gave us more of an understanding of all these different 'types' of Nathan and Cam. 

I don't think I would classify this as a romance story. While it is there, it's more of.. an undertone. It's there, but not the focus of the story. Which honestly is something I enjoy about this world! I don't think these books would be as effective if it was all about the mc's and nothing else. Their relationship is definitely there, and it adds so much to their bond along with the overall story it helps them work better as a team. I also like how this book has no spice. I love that! I adore how these authors wrote two characters who love each other and are in a relationship, and how the spicy element isn't the focus, the core relationship is what's important and I really enjoyed it! 

The side characters all added something to the story and helped progress the plot. Overall, a really terrific story, and I'm curious if there's going to be more books set in this world. 

Rating: 5 Stars

A World Apart is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.