Wolves Always Bite (Willow Lake Supernaturals - book 2) by Lori Ames

"Never ask a question if you weren't prepared for the answer." Wolves Always Bite.

From the blurb:

What’s a simple human to do when he discovers supernatural beings are real?
Ask a lot of questions, take a lot of notes, and try to seduce a werewolf, of course.

Jeremy has always wanted to befriend mythical creatures, play with forbidden magic, and meet his
fated mate. Okay, okay. He knows the difference between fiction and real life; he is an author after all… Or he would be if he ever got to “The End” on one of his stories. So he realizes his desire to live inside a fantasy romance novel is a touch unrealistic, but where is the joy in living a life that is boring and predictable and overwhelmingly blah?

At least that’s what he thinks until a hot AF werewolf saves him from his freaky boss and turns his whole life upside down. And his boss? She isn’t the weird old lady he thought she was, but how could he have guessed she is a grumpy goblin with a reputation for selling black-market magical artifacts? Now Jeremy is determined to know everything about the supernatural world, and Adrian, his swoon-worthy werewolf hero, is willing to answer all his questions, even when they make the big guy blush.

But when his former goblin boss kidnaps his cat to convince Jeremy to return the items she thinks he stole, things get serious fast. Now in between plotting his next MM romance and seducing the beautiful werewolf (and not just for research purposes), he needs to stage a cat rescue. Life is definitely not boring now.

Tags: MM Paranormal Romance with Fated Mates! Jeremy has sooo many questions, Adrian tries to answer them even when they make him blush, no cats were hurt in the writing of this book, an obscene number of ‘80s music references, his best friend is a lying liar who lies, his book bag is his weapon of choice, don't touch the demon's dimples, supernaturals have magical everything, small towns aren't so bad, especially when they are full of supes.

Miki J's Review:

Sooo much fun - Wolves Always Bite is a blast. I absolutely adore Jeremy - he's such a ball of enthusiastic energy... his questions (he truly has no fear) and the 80's soundtrack in his head... had me really cracking up... I don't think Adrian knew what hit him!!!  

Yes, this has a fated mate thread, but there's plenty of action and mystery as well. It's a great all round paranormal book with small town setting, friends and found family... I love the authors take on the mating marks - very cute.  

Also, you do need to read them in order as there is an ongoing thread that seems to connect.... 

This is such a great book, that's becoming a really fun series - can't wait for the next book :) 

Rating: 4 Stars

Wolves Always Bite is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.