Watch Me Drown by Autumn Winchester

Unbelievable people can mistreat their own child this way. Benny has tried his best to be perfect, but he is led to believe he is a sinner. How can he confess to something he hasn't done? Reedkaye read Watch Me Drown.

From the blurb:

Watch Me Drown
Benny is no stranger to abuse. He grew up knowing pain in his cult like family. Things didn’t get
Discover the harrowing journey of Benny, a young boy who has known nothing but abuse and pain throughout his life. From his tumultuous upbringing in a cult-like family to being forcefully sent to a treacherous Boy's Camp, Benny's torment seems never-ending. Starved and confused, he struggles to hold onto hope in this living nightmare.

But when a tragic storm brings a sudden end to his suffering, Benny is left to pick up the shattered pieces of his existence. Will he ever find the strength to rebuild his life and rediscover stability?

Enter Wyatt, a website designer who unexpectedly enters Benny's life. At the right places but at the wrong times, Wyatt turns Benny's world upside down. As a friend, Wyatt offers solace and support, but can his heart settle for just that? Or will his longing for something more lead to unforeseen consequences?

Prepare for a gripping and emotionally charged story of resilience and the power of friendship. In "Watch Me Drown," follow Benny on his journey of survival, as he battles the demons of the past and navigates the intricate webs of his heart. Will he find the redemption he so desperately seeks, or will the ghosts of his past continue to haunt him?

Reedkaye's Review:

This is one of the most heartbreaking stories I’ve read.

Benny is mistreated his whole life just for being different. He is smaller than his brothers. He is not rambunctious. He isn’t able to handle the chores like his brothers, but he gives everything the best he can. Even his mother mistreats him. His family lives at a communal farm and he gets sent to the pastor for his “sins” even though he hasn’t sinned. Even the pastor mistreats him. His parents decide to send him to a conversion camp in hopes of doing what exactly I’m not sure. He is a small frame guy of 17 and a gentle soul. Conversion camp isn’t going to change that. Benny believes he isn’t gay. His only acts of being with another man has been forced on him. While there, a storm happens that changes everything for Benny.

Wyatt is a loving guy. He is a caretaker and when he is introduced to Benny, everything kicks in for him. Benny is such an abused soul. Wyatt only sees the attractive side of him. Wyatt is willing to do what it takes to help Benny.

I found this so heartbreaking. At every step Benny from childhood has been abused and led to believe he is the sinner.  

This story brings out the need in me to hope for violence to fall on those who have hurt him. This is one of the stories that stay with me for a long time.

Rating: 5 Stars

Watch Me Drown is available to buy in Kindle, paperback, and hardback formats.