The Christmas Extra by V.L. Locey (Laurel Holidays #5)

The Christmas Extra is the feel good second chance romance you didn't know you needed this holiday season. 

From the blurb:

’Tis the season for a second chance at love.

Stillman King likes his life in the small rural farming community of Rockmount, Pennsylvania. It’s a different pace of life than Philly, but Philadelphia was where his heart was broken, and he was happy to leave. He might be lonely, but he’s settled and has even managed to win over his snooping neighbors. Overall, his days as a small-town sheriff are peaceful with only the occasional traffic accident, drunk and disorderly conduct, or a random meandering cow to deal with. That was until the day the mayor announced that Rockmount was going to be the filming location for a Christmas romance movie starring the popular soap opera star, Tony Gugliotti. The same Tony who’d left him right after college graduation and headed west to the bright lights of Los Angeles without even a goodbye.

Hearing his former lover’s name shatters all the merry bucolic vibes that usually fill Rockmount, at least for Stillman. He’d not seen or spoken to Tony for over twenty years and had no wish to ever again. But, suddenly, here Tony was, looking just as good as he did way back when with his killer smile and movie star jawline. Hollywood descended on Rockmount and Stillman did his best to balance keeping the peace while maintaining a polite distance from his ex. Pity it’s such a small town packed with incredibly meddlesome people. All it takes is one stake out, a night stuck in the courthouse’s basement, and one kiss wound in a lighted pine tree to reignite the passion both men thought they’d left far behind.

The Christmas Extra is a standalone small town, forced proximity, gay second chance Christmas romance with all the glitter of Hollywood, two mature men who never really got over each other, a village packed with holiday cheer as well as inquisitive neighbors, a well-meaning cast and crew, and a tinselly happy-ever-after.

Heather's Review:

What do you get when you pair a grumpy sheriff who was abandoned years ago with the sunny man who crashes back into his small town life right before Christmas?  A swoony second chance romance with lots of action, some soul searching and some fun!  I appreciate the forced proximity, the whole movie magic, although the icing in the cake would have been a certain PITA actress quitting and the director casting Stillman to complete the movie... but without that, there was still enough drama and holiday magic for me.

Rating: 5 Stars

The Christmas Extra is available in paperback and e-book format in wide release.