Like I Wanted, Heather Bay, Book 5 By: Charlie Novak Narrated by: Dan Calley

Like I wanted is the final installment of the Heather Bay series and again has paired up with Dan Calley in this amazing audiobook. Get ready to see what true love looks like when two best friends face the reality that they are so much more than best friends.

From the blurb:

Roommates. Best friends. Boyfriends?

Theo and Laurie have been best friends for six years, but despite doing everything together, they’ve never been anything more than best friends and roommates.

Then someone calls them boyfriends and upends their neat little world.

As the pair struggle to put a lid on their feelings, a random email from Theo’s brother throws him even further off balance, and all Laurie can do is offer a niche form of stress relief. But Laurie’s support doesn’t stop at rope garters. Once the two of them fall into bed, it’s clear things will never be the same between them.

Now, Theo and Laurie must finally address the feelings they’ve tried to hide from and figure out if they really are just friends, or if there’s always been something more between them. Can they give each other everything they ever wanted?

Like I Wanted is a steamy best friends to lovers contemporary MM romance, featuring a femme boy who loves zombie horror and weird taxidermy, a goth with a secret love of shibari, interfering adult entertainers, a vicar who takes no s--t, and a quest for guinea pigs.

It is the fifth and final novel in the Heather Bay series, and is best enjoyed as part of the series.

Please note that one of the MCs is involved in adult entertainment and chooses to remain working in the industry, with the full consent of his partner, once they’re in a relationship. For more information, please see the internal Author’s Note.

Molly Otto's Review:

Just all the yes!

What's not to love about a romantic goth and bratty femme boy mixed in with shibari! These two have that amazing friendship that we all dream of that leads to so much more when they're able to get past the feats and be real. Mix in a beautiful group of found family that will do anything and everything to support one another, and you have a beautiful low angst weekend binge read.

What makes Laurie & Theo so great is they have multiple discussions of what the other is comfortable with when it comes to their sex lives, including but not limited to Theo OnlyFans page. As Laurie so beautifully puts it, what makes him happy for work doesn't take away from the love we share in and out of the bedroom. What a beautiful take on the adult entertainment industry. I wish others could see it this way and not use it against these people, their body their choice, and if their partner is open and safe about everything and both parties are good with, does it really matter what they do in the end? Loved every minute of Like I Wanted. It's a beautiful story and can't wait to see West story and how he handles being an out rugby player.

Now on to the audio review!

Dan Calley made an already amazing book spectacular! He proves yet again why he is the best British narrator. You understand what he's saying even when not used to British accents. He brings all the beauty of Theo and Laurie to life on a whole new level. This is why I will always stand by human narrators as they bring life to these books! Well done, Dan. Cannot wait to see what you do next! And again, thank you Charlie for writing this beautiful story to our lives!

Rating: 5 Stars

Like I Wanted is available to buy from Audible and is Whispersynced.