His Furry Heat, Christmas Omegas by R.A. Frick

R.A. delivers yet another mind consuming read, with a little bit of dildos, knotting and heat activated!! His Furry Heat is a standalone in the Christmas Omegas series.

From the blurb:

An M/Mx ABO Romance: A trans man and an ace biker meet at a furry parade and learn how to navigate a heat...many toys are involved.

Mateo Martin has a furry kink, which allows him to be a genderfluid trans man without anyone questioning his body parts. But Matty doesn’t know he’s an Omega about to have his first heat. Can a stranger help Matty understand what is happening?

Hudson Bradley has exactly one friend in San Francisco, who works with him at his motorcycle shop. When his friend suggests they stop at a random parade for something to do, Hudson is up for anything unrelated to the holidays and the families neither of them have to go home to.

Will Hudson be able to get through Matty’s first heat without the boy expecting more?

His Furry Heat is an ABO romance in a world where even people with shifter blood don’t know about the paranormal world, but there is no mpreg or shifting.

Christmas Omegas is a multi-author series. Each story is a standalone and features a fun Holiday season parade! Whether it's a paranormal pairing or a human pairing, you can expect these omegas to find love during the holidays.

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Tatted_book_freak's Review:

Though I normally veer away from the omegaverse world, upon discovering R.A. was the author and having loved every book written by them, I gave it a try and glad I did! Hudson was so protective and attentive to Mateo’s needs, and in return, Mateo brought out Hudson’s sexual side. 

Their chemistry was fierce, whether it be while Matty was in heat or not. They were connected by the gods themselves, fated to be together before ever knowing the other existed. I loved how R.A. shows that penetration does not always have to happen during intimacy, just the connection between two people is more than enough! Absolutely loved their story and low key excited for Fowler next…

Rating: 5 Stars

His Furry Heat is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.