Silent Sin By: E.J. Russell Narrated by: Greg Boudreaux

Robby's first encounter with the outside world of the farm causes him to run. He is so ashamed that there is no looking back. He ends up in Hollywood. A century ago, social acceptance was much different and Robby really starts to learn about acceptance.

From the blurb for Silent Sin:

When tailor Marvin Gottschalk abandoned New York City for the brash boom town of silent film-era Hollywood, he never imagined he'd end up on screen as Martin Brentwood, one of the fledgling film industry's most popular actors. Five years later, a cynical Martin despairs of finding anything genuine in a town where truth is defined by studio politics and publicity. Then he meets Robbie Goodman. 

Robbie fled Idaho after a run-in with the law. A chance encounter leads him to the film studio, where he lands a job as a chauffeur. But one look at Martin and he's convinced he's likely to run afoul of those same laws - laws that brand his desires indecent, deviant...sinful. 

Martin and Robbie embark on a cautious relationship, cocooned in Hollywood's clandestine gay fraternity, careful to hide from the studio boss, a rival actor, and reporters on the lookout for a juicy story. But when tragedy and scandal rock the town, igniting a morality-based witch hunt fueled by a remorseless press, the studio brass will sacrifice even the greatest careers to defend their endangered empire. Robbie and Martin stand no chance against the firestorm - unless they stand together. 

CW: Contains threatened sexual assault, off-page violence, and drug abuse.

Reedkaye's Review:

I was in a book slump and decided to listen to something on my tbr list.

Silent Sin was a step away from my normal dark stories and a breath of fresh air that grabbed my heart.

Robby is such an innocent guy. A Century ago, when so much was socially unacceptable, his knowledge was only from the farm. His common sense and likability make others attracted to him. Luckily, he is saved by Martin. This begins a journey for both men.  

Robby is so innocent and attracts people to him just because he is a hard worker and does his best. Martin is well versed in the Hollywood ways and knows this attraction isn’t something that is acceptable. Their path to any relationship is heartbreaking and heartwarming.  

I really enjoyed this story. I think part of it was the narration by Greg Boudreaux was great. He handled the personalities and accents wonderfully. This also gave me a new author to follow.

Rating: 5 Stars

Silent Sin is available to buy from Audible and is Whispersynced. Reedkaye borrowed this from the library.