Sent To A Fantasy World and Now All the Men Want Me: Volume 2 by Jaclyn Osborn

It might have a long title, but I swear, Sent To A Fantasy World and Now All the Men Want Me: Volume 2 is worth the read.

From the blurb:

Life in another world isn't so bad.
Evan has found true love, a group of knights who all like pestering him, a cat-boy best friend who loves cake, and even a job. Okay, so maybe there's still the demons in the dark forest to worry about... and the ultra-powerful demon lord. There also may be bandits sweeping through the surrounding lands, headed straight for the kingdom.
But that's okay.
Evan has his men, his coffee, and the best group of friends a guy could ever ask for. That is, until a stranger arrives in Bremloc, one who has his eyes set on Evan.
And life, once again, gets a little complicated.

*Volume 2 in the series. Must be read in order.*

Jacquie's Review:

I titled this review as "I knew it!" because things are just slotting into place for me and I'm loving the direction that it is going in.

Okay, it hasn't been explicitly said, but it's clear why Evan is so at home in Bremloc and honestly, I think Prince Cedric knows or suspects. It's why he attacks Evan so much. He has answers to part of his parentage, but the full picture is unclear.

Men total now to 4. Although 4 is going to be interesting. It took a lot for Maddox to accept Lake, so this new one is going to be an even harder sell. I do like how Evan has learned to figure out who is supposed to belong with him. I'm still convinced who 5 is. Will I be disappointed if I'm wrong? Unlikely because maybe it's just me reading something that isn't there.

I love this world and all of the characters. I adore the found family aspect and the growing bond between Briar and Maddox. Those two are adorable together.

Rating: 5 Stars

Sent To A Fantasy World and Now All the Men Want Me: Volume 2 is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.