Relief Pitcher (Tap That Brewery Book 3) by Lee Blair

Relief Pitcher, part of the Tap That Brewery series, features a demi-romantic awakening and a man learning to live after loss. 

From the blurb:

I thought I was helping him get his groove back. Turns out, he’s helping me fall in love.

I have one rule when it comes to matters of my hormones: one and done. Consensually, of course. Fun with no complicated romantic feelings. Not that I’m built to experience those, anyway.

After my car breaks down on a remote road, I follow a lumbersnack back to his creepy cabin for the cell service. When a tree falls and blocks my car, I make the most of it. What’s more casual than riding out a storm in bed?

Except it stops being casual when I get hit with Big Feelings™ that equally terrify and thrill me. I’m a sure bet as a good time but high risk when it comes to caring for someone’s heart.

I’ve been kind of a hermit since my husband died. Lately, though, I’ve been toying with the idea of putting myself out there again.

So when a hot guy with a fondness for d1ck jokes and a heart of gold offers to “clean out my pipes,” I grab it—and him—with both hands.

I know Ty doesn’t sleep with the same guy twice. So, after our unexpected weekend together, I focus on being grateful and moving on. But when he ends up as the relief pitcher for my rec softball team, the time we start spending together makes me want him even more.

Except after living through one massive loss, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to risk my heart again.

Relief Pitcher is a low angst, sweet and steamy MM contemporary romance with a demiromantic awakening, lacy underthings, unintentional arborist slander, plus size representation, and crows. A lot of crows. It’s book three in the Tap That Brewery series, which follows best friends who run a brewery together in a small town you’ll wish you could visit. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, but the jokes hit better if you read them in order.

Angel's Review:

Tyler's story is here!! Tyler has been the jokester and the king of hookups in his friend group. All of his friends know about his hookups and his rule. One and done, he never hooks up with the same person more than once. No feelings, no strings. 

Until he gets stranded in a creepy driveway during a storm and gets rescued by a man who makes him want to be with him more than one time. 

I have really enjoyed all the books that have come out in this series so far, and this one is no exception. I appreciate how Lee wrote Ty's character. He didn't all of a sudden grow attached or changed his way. He was confused about why he suddenly wanted to spend time with Coop, and why he enjoyed just watching movies with the man. The bond that Tyler and Seth were able to develop that goes beyond being brothers was so sweet, especially when Seth helps Tyler recognize that he might be demiromantic. I appreciated how much detail Lee went into when it came to describing that different sexualities, and how it can differ from person to person. And the easy acceptance and teasing that Ty received from his group of friends was so sweet!

Coop's character is my second favorite character as far as the partners of the Brewery goes. He's just so sweet, and he doesn't just take Ty's teasing and banter, he also gives it right back to him. Which was really amusing, and I really enjoyed that aspect of their relationship. 

This was the spiciest book of the series so far, and full of character growth. We saw Ty grow and adapt as a human being, and when he realized he like Cooper, he did freak out, but then was able to make a gesture to tell Coop how he felt. 

I really liked the component of Coop making wood sculptures, and how significant they were to the different people he made them for. That was really neat to read about. Overall, another terrific insight into the Brewery family, and watching their group grow! 

"Falling in love with you was as easy as taking down a bag of Tillamook squeaky cheese." 

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Heather's Review:

I think Ty and Coop's story is my new favourite Tap That story so far!  I really love how Tyler is clueless about relationships and fighting so hard to put what he and Cooper experience into the limited boxes from his past.... all those hook-ups!  I truly love his journey and how Seth helps him see how he reacts to relationships!

Cooper is such a sweetie, but as much as he accepts Ty's teasing, he isn't afraid to give it back and continues to engage Tyler despite him getting in his own way!

I love the way Lee Blair blends Cooper's work, his craft and his love of family together to create amazing memories and how intertwined that becomes in his own healing journey.

I look forward to seeing the next HEA for the Tap That Brewery Crew!

Rating: 5 Stars

Relief Pitcher is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.