Protecting his Past (Guarding Royalty Book 1) by Elouise East

Protecting his Past is a good mystery with lovable characters. Dominic is all protector and when the feelings between him and Randall get acknowledged the lives of both change.

From the blurb:

His secrets catch up with him, but luckily, protection is in his blood.

Dominic has big shoes to fill. His promotion to the Lead Protection Officer for the king came at a price no one wants to think about. However, it’s something he is very aware of. When his past comes calling, he has to make even more split-second decisions, and he's terrified of the potential consequences. Not for himself, but for those he cares about and protects. Including a certain PA who's never too far from his thoughts.

Randall has been the King's personal assistant for many years. It's long hours and extremely busy, but he loves it. Even after being held prisoner by a twisted man hell bent on revenge, it didn't diminish his love for the job or the people he works for. But he never imagined falling in love. Especially with someone ten years younger than him. But love is love, right?

When Dominic's secret comes to light, he has to shore his defences against those people who would use it against him. And the harder he falls for Randall, the more chinks in his armour appear.

How can he keep everyone safe when the clock is ticking?

Protecting his Past is a kinky, age gap romance with a handsome, secretive bodyguard and a personal assistant, who thinks he’s too old for love.

Reedkaye's Review:

Randall is the king’s assistant and Dominic is the Kings Lead Protection Officer. They have worked closely for a while, but with all the turmoil, their feelings start getting acted on. In the meantime, May, Dominic’s sister, who has been in witness protection for five years, is found resulting in Dominic having to protect her. May is given protection by the king and becomes part of the focus of the strange happenings going on. Not much of the things concerning roses and notes seem to make sense until danger appears at every place.  

There are a number of secondary characters that add so much to this story, for example Dominic’s childhood bff’s, both guys' parents and many others.  

This is a hard to set down story. There are a number of twists and turns leading to some of the answers.  Not all is wrapped up, but I’m hoping more is to come in the next book. I also wish the books dealing with the previous events and characters had been identified.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Spinning off from the Club Royal series, we start a new intrigue with some familiar faces - the royal protection team who protected the Royal family from the threat from within itself and has now got a new suspenseful storyline to follow while they find their HEA!  We also get to see Randall, the hardworking personal assistant to the king get his HEA after becoming embroiled in the intrigue.

I love how Elouise East's mind works and can't wait for the twists and turns of this new drama.  She balances the romance and the running thread well as she introduces us to the intrigue.  I have to say that I caught on pretty quickly about the plot twist in this installment, but I truly have no idea where it goes from here, so it balances out.

I look forward to seeing more of the protection team get their HEA and finding out who's behind this latest threat...

Rating: 5 Stars

Protecting his Past is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.