Let Your Hearts Be Light (Christmas Daddies Book 1) by Fae Quin

Can the sunshine baker and the grumpy handyman get along throughout the holidays? Ahead of the second book in the series, Angel and Miki J read Let Your Hearts Be Light.

From the blurb:

A stranger is just someone you haven’t been forced to spend Christmas with yet.

Baxter: As a 42-year-old single father the last thing I expected before Christmas was for my daughter to sign me up for a community matchmaking event. The Christmas Buddies program becomes a challenge I can’t wait to overcome when I realize the man that has been assigned as my buddy for the holiday season is none other than Paxton Montgomery. He’s massive, grumpy, incredibly gorgeous (in a lumberjack kinda way), and also—weirdly enough—the only person in town who doesn’t like me. Can I change Paxton’s tune by the end of the holiday season? Or am I destined to spend yet another Christmas craving companionship and someone to hold my head up before I drown in the stress of my broken bakery?

Paxton: I’m not a people person. I know this about myself and I am at peace with it. The only exception I have is my son. He’s the most important person in the entire world to me. So I had no choice but to go along with his scheme as he rigs the Christmas Buddy drawing so we can spend the holiday season with the girl he’s had a crush on since junior high. The only catch: her father is a crucial part of the bargain. Can I survive the holiday season with sunshine golden boy Baxter bombarding me with his jokes and his too-bright smiles? Or will I succumb to my dark desires and strangle the grin right off his too-pretty face?

Let Your Hearts Be Light! Is a standalone slow burn Holiday MM romance with high heat, a HEA, and no cliffhangers. It features a relationship between two adorable single fathers as they navigate the Holiday season. Together they’re warm, young, and tooth-achingly sweet. If you like funny stories with too many dad jokes, Christmas magic, grumpy x sunshine, and lots of steam then read on!

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Angel's Review:

I've never read a book by Fae Quinn before. I've wanted to for a while just haven't had a chance to do so. When I saw this go up on GRR, I knew I had to request a copy, and I'm so ecstatic that I was finally able to indulge in Fae's story! 

Baxter is a baker, he's also Becca's dad, and while everyone perceives him as a happy-go-lucky guy, inside he's struggling. The smiles and bubbly energy is a mask that he puts on. He doesn't know how to cope with what he's feeling or how to deal with it. When his daughter signs him up for a community matchmaking event, he goes along with it. It would be nice to make a friend. A real one, anyways. 

Paxton is the local handyman and woodworker. He's Nathan's dad, and that takes priority. He's not thrilled when he finds out what his son signed him up for, and he's even less impressed when he realizes that he got set up with Baxter. The perpetually happy guy that Paxton despises. Being paired up with him and Becca, and spending time with them, he realizes he was wrong. Baxter's smiles are fake, his eyes aren't happy, and he's struggling. Once Paxton lets himself get to know the baker, he realizes Baxter is much more than he thought.

Oh my gosh, the cuteness of this book!! I adore holiday books, and I'm a sucker for a MC that's a baker. I just love when those two worlds collide. It's my perfect harmony! This book swept me away from the very first page. As soon as I started this book, I couldn't put it down. I was invested in these characters from the get-go. I just needed to know if Paxton and Baxter could get along and make it work. 

The amount of detail that went into the background was fantastic. I was transported into this book and could envision everything that I was reading. The writing was that good, and that detailed. The pace was fantastic! I really enjoyed how this book focused on these two getting to know each other and getting to know themselves as well. Besides the MC's being amazing, the side characters were terrific. I adored Becca and Nathan's characters. They were so sweet. And you could really tell how much they cared for their dad's and they just wanted them to be happy. 

What I really loved in this book is how prominent getting help was, and how it wasn't shunned away, but encouraged. I love how Paxton talked Baxter through it, and the moment Baxter realized that he did need help. That was really amazing to read cause it was realistic.  As Baxter said; "Every step forward was a step in the right direction." 

I'm now hooked on Fae's writing style and I'm very excited to read You Can Count On Me next!

Rating: 5 Stars

Miki J's Review:

Absolutely stunning book!! For sure, it's got the classic grump/sunshine trope, but there's an added depth to it, which made the story stand out. The author has tackled the mental health very nicely... it's not overly angsty... just real.  

There's also an innocence to the storytelling... which is lovely... but don't get me wrong - this ain't no vanilla story - it does get down'n'dirty. And then the puns - definitely caused a giggle/snort or three.  

I really enjoyed the style and pace of the writing... you truly do get caught up in the storytelling. 

Overall, a warm and heartfelt story - just beautiful!!

Rating: 4 Stars

Let Your Hearts Be Light is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, hardback, audiobook, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.