Less Than Three (Running In Circles Book 4) by E.M. Lindsey

"I don't think I have ever related to a character more than I have with Dmitri." Angel adored Less Than Three.

From the blurb:

“Don’t be ridiculous. There was nothing to steal. I was always yours.”

Dmitri wants love, but he’s not quite sure he’ll ever find it. His sexuality is confusing on a good day, and the one person he wants is his best friend who can never know how he feels. Raphael is older, charming, and better looking than Dmitri will ever deserve.

Yet, somehow, he thinks Dmitri is worth his time.

Dmitri knows he and Raphael can’t ever work, so he puts all of his effort into making sure his best friend finds someone who will adore him as much as Dmitri does. Even if it destroys his heart in the process. Even if people keep telling him that maybe he’s not reading the signs right.

Maybe his friend’s feelings aren’t as platonic as he’s always assumed.

It’s the makings of star-crossed lovers because Dmitri has never believed he’s meant for a happily ever after. But, in the end, Raphael might just have enough strength and hope for the both of them.

Less Than Three is a pining, best friends to lovers, cozy romance featuring a man trying to find where he belongs and another trying to learn who he is. They find solace in each other with massages, slightly squished gas station Twinkies, star gazing, soft kisses, and complete and total acceptance that they are worthy of being loved.

Running In Circles is the former series On The Market, and this novel was previously titled Love Him Desperate. It has been completely revamped and re-written with names, places, characters, and major plot points changed.

Angel's Review:

E.M.'s books always have really important stories to tell, while they are fictional, and while the characters aren't real, they have really poignant messages in each and every book. The way this author creates their characters, how they craft each and every story, the way they invoke so many emotions from their readers is something truly incredible! I don't think I've ever read a book by EM that I haven't liked. I know with certainty that I'm going to enjoy the journey they take me on. 

Raphael and Dmitri's love story is raw, emotional, confusing, all-consuming, and a slow burn. If you want insta-love and high steam, I don't think this book will do it for you. However, if you want a book that focuses on getting to know a person, and loving them as they are, who they are, and accepting and embracing them as is, then please start reading this book. 

I think by this point I don't even have to comment on how great the writing is. It's just a given with EM's books, the same can be said for their characters. They are always really thought out. You can tell how much time and research went into writing each individual character, so whether it be their disability or their sexuality is as accurate as possible. And that always comes across really well. 

The side characters that were in this story were great! I really enjoyed seeing more of Luca and Raphael's special bond that they share. Along with getting to discover new characters, amongst the characters who've been present previously in other stories.

What I really loved and enjoyed is the shining bright light that focused on Asexuality in this book. I've read books that have had ace characters in them before, but never have they been so prominent in those other stories like it was here. You could feel how much Dmitri just wanted to have the love and romance he could see others having. How he wanted that connection more than anything, but he just did not want sex the way others did. I really appreciated how EM put that knowledge out there; someone who is ace can still want a relationship, romance, love, and just not want sex for themselves. And how, even when it feels like that's all anyone ever cares about, there's someone out there who will love you more than having sex. 

I was absolutely floored while reading this book, and I could relate to Dmitri in quite a few different ways. I'm really excited to see what EM releases next!

Rating: 5 Stars

Less Than Three is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.