His Sinful Need (West Coast Mobsters Book 4) by Leighton Greene

Experienced and older, Max is sent to be an olive branch between his family and a rival mafia family. When he's tasked with helping Bricker's crew plan a bank heist, he has to keep his past and his growing attraction under wraps. But working together, Bricker and Max find that being together feels undeniably right.

From the blurb for His Sinful Need:

Two men. Two Families. Too many secrets.

When Castellani security specialist Max Pedretti is reluctantly loaned out to the Esposito Family, he's thrust into close quarters with their youngest Capo, Bricker Soldano. The magnetic pull between them is undeniable, but Bricker is strictly off-limits, for multiple reasons.

For one thing, he's an Esposito.

For another, he's half Max's age.

But most of all, because Max shares a hidden criminal history with Bricker's father—a secret that could shatter the tentative trust building between them.

So Max vows to focus on the job instead, and finds his old skills as a bank robber are put to the test as he works with Bricker and his crew on a heist that could change the power dynamics in Los Angeles.

But when a tragedy reveals a mole in their midst, Max and Bricker must investigate together to uncover the truth, blurring the lines of loyalty and desire.

Can Max and Bricker uncover the traitor and find their way to love, or will past sins cost them everything?


Each book in this series tells the love story of a different couple who find their happy ending, as well as a resolution to the mystery they're investigating, but there are cliffhangers to the wider suspense plot for the series.

SNik's Review:

His Sinful Need is the fourth in the series (West Coast Mobsters). Best if read in order due to the shared cast of characters. Action suspense. Age gap. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Being tasked as an envoy to another mafia family, Max is asked to help young capo Bricker and his crew with a bank heist. Max thought he had left bank robberies behind, and keeping secrets from Bricker about his past and the Castellani family business is a tight juggling act. Bricker has his own secrets, but he needs help, as there may be a mole on his crew, and he has to work hard to ignore the attraction he feels for Max. 

Both Bricker and Max are loyal, dedicated men that are familiar with violence but are so sweet and supportive together. Tons of chemistry and plenty of scenes together that show their growing feelings allow for a little romance in between the danger and action going on around them. 

I enjoyed the journey of their relationship as well as the push-pull between family loyalties and the investigation into finding out the true villains. 

Still totally engrossed in this series, and can’t wait for more.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

His Sinful Need is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.