Day of Judgment by Aurora Crane/Briar Kearney

Looking for fast-paced action and hot as all get out sex, this is the book for you. We have a long established couple who introduce a third because they all belong together, undeniable chemistry between all equally. A perfectly balanced throuple even when their circumstances say they should be on opposite sides.

From the blurb for Day of Judgement:

A federal prosecutor with a three-digit body count, his clever and adoring husband, and the FBI Special Agent who got too close.

Led by Lady Justice, Justin Reynolds spills the blood of the unworthy with his husband Ace at his side. Together, they’re a well-honed symbiote with the potential to bring the world to its knees. Neither of them are prepared for the man who brings them to theirs.

FBI Agent Maddox Doherty has dedicated himself to getting the job done, sacrificing everything else, especially his personal life. Sent to investigate a string of murders, he’s prepared for anything… except the sparks that fly between him and the married couple.

An undeniable chemistry draws Maddox deeper into Justin and Ace’s web, and soon he finds himself losing sight of the line he’s built his life and career around. But how far is too far and what happens when the darkness swallows him whole?

Day of Judgment is an roughly 98,000-word dark MMM romance featuring morally grey characters and violence. It also includes voyeurism, wax play, edging, bondage and mild BDSM themes. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Virtuous Sinners is a collection of gay romance stories that center on killers who are guided by a virtuous code. These dark novels are connected only by theme and can be read standalone.

The killer’s virtue in Day of Judgment: Justice

Molly Otto's Review:

This book takes you from the very first chapter and doesn't give you mercy until you finish. The chemistry from first contact is undeniable where you get why this perfect couple had to add Maddox even if it rocks the foundation of all lives involved. Once the two sides clash, everyone's true nature is brought the good, the bad, the beautiful. No choices are taken lightly, making you so engrossed that you feel everything. 

These authors show time and time again that you can write a beautiful poly book with all the emotions of a standard couple where all parties are equal, even when one is later entered, a true talent.

As for the spice scenes, they are some of the best I've read in this particular, not a vanilla scene. Job well done. I can't wait to read more from these authors.

Rating: 5 Stars

Day of Judgment is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.