Blue Skies by Marie Sinclair (Blue Skies series, book 1)


An instant connection, a twist of fate and only one bed...  two men who have no experience with love, but who crave things in each other, especially understanding... in Blue Skies.

From the blurb:

Blue Skies is a low angst, age gap, one bed, hurt/comfort novel featuring an HIV-positive, asexual flight attendant with trust issues and a closeted flight instructor.

As a sex-positive asexual man with HIV, Greg's been told it's just too complicated to be in a relationship with him. His latest boyfriend turns out to yet another in a long line of guys who say they understand asexuality only to put pressure on him to perform. Six months later, still despondent over this latest betrayal, Greg doesn't have any expectations when he joins his friends at their favorite West Hollywood club. Meeting a sexy silver fox was definitely not on the agenda, nor was wanting to get to know the man better, but unfortunately, Holden's leaving the next morning for the East Coast. As a flight attendant, Greg's schedule has him out of town the following week. Regretfully, they trade phone numbers and part ways.

Holden has been in the closet his entire life. First with his conservative parents, then in the Navy, and now as an employee of a military contractor. It's safer pretending to be straight. The only time Holden steps out of the closet is when he's on a business trip. Quickies and hook-ups have been the name of the game for him for nearly thirty years. Now nearly fifty, Holden's getting tired of it, but only has a few more years before he can live his life on his own terms. Then he goes to Neon and meets Greg. Even after Greg refuses to go back to Holden's hotel room and they part ways, he can't stop thinking about Greg and wishing he'd been able to say yes to dinner the following night. But then Greg doesn't call or text him, so Holden figures the invite was just a way to let the old guy down easy.

A week later, Holden's got a meeting in Denver, and who shows up as part of the flight crew? It's Greg, who takes one look at Holden and...if looks could kill, Holden would be a smoldering pile of ash. Undaunted, Holden tries to talk to Greg during the flight only to be shut down and told to return to his seat. But fate has a different idea.

Content Advisory: please see the copywrite page for potential triggers.

Heather's Review:

While this book could easily be classed as insta-love, there is an undercurrent of angst about Holden's job and Greg's reluctance to put Holden in a place where he could become infected.  The story is told in such a sex-positive and understanding way.  I appreciate the layers each character had - their sexuality and how they define it, their health, their age, their past experiences, their connection, their ability to trust and be trusted.... it was like peeling a slow baking onion...

I found Blue Skies to be well researched and based in believable context, with both characters having reasonable expectations and fears.  I truly loved getting to know these two men and I hope to see them as secondary characters in future stories from this author.

Please heed the trigger warnings if there are concerns.

Rating: 5 Stars

Blue Skies is currently available in e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.