Arranged By Fate, Arranging Love Book One by Jacey Davis

In a society where omegas are considered property, Lyric doesn't have much hope for his arranged marriage to Alpha Orion Strongfire. But Orion promises to treat his new omega well, and when he discovers that they are fated, nothing will stop him from cherishing and protecting Lyric. Arranged By Fate is book 1 in a new series by Jacey Davis.

From the blurb:

This was originally featured in the anthology, Tying the Knot. It has been expanded into a full-length novel with over 30k additional content added. Arranged By Fate is book one in an alternate reality non-shifter MM omegaverse series all based around arranged marriages and marriages of convenience.

Alpha Orion Strongfire: The last thing I wanted was to marry one of the Inwood omegas. Or anyone
really. But the choice had been taken from me. This arranged marriage was the only thing that stood between my family and complete ruin after my father’s scandals nearly caused irreparable damage to my family’s reputation and our business empire. I could care less about the business, but I refused to allow my mother and siblings to be vulnerable and without protection, so I guess I was getting married.

I may not have wanted an omega to care for, but one brush of my lips against Lyric’s and all of that changed. He was mine and I would burn down the world before letting him go.

Omega Lyric Inwood: I was not looking forward to being under the control of Orion Strongfire. The Strongfire alphas had a reputation, and it wasn’t a good one. But omegas had no power and this union was the only way I could protect my family.

I never believed in fated mates, but just moments after meeting Orion, it was impossible to deny the connection. For better or worse, it seemed fate destined me to belong to Orion.

Arranged by Fate is a high-heat, insta-lust omegaverse romance. While each book in this series ends in an HEA for the main characters, with no cliffhanger, there is an overarching plot that will continue throughout. It is an alternate reality omegaverse with adult themes and explicit content. It is not meant for those under 18. While MPreg is possible it does not occur in this book. This is a world where omegas have very little rights and are essentially owned by their alpha guardian or mate. There is also a biological kink element where alphas are biologically inclined towards dominance while omegas are inclined to submission.

CW: domestic discipline, power exchange, kink elements such as spanking, mentions of child abuse and spousal abuse (not between main characters), some on page violence, SA (not between main characters). Please read the content warning at the beginning of the book for a full list of triggers and kinks.

SNik's Review:

Paranormal Alpha/omega. Arranged marriage. BDSM. Fated mates. Dual POV. 

His father’s scandal causes Orion to be forced into an arranged marriage, but he vows to be faithful to the omega even though it’s not expected from an Alpha. Lyric understands the sacrifice he has to make to help his family, and he is willing, hoping for the best, and certainly not expecting that Orion may be his fated mate. Although typically an omega is considered property and their world doesn’t treat them well, Orion promises to be better towards Lyric and they find their connection allows them to love each other and build their own special relationship. 

A quick ramp up to steamy times, with Orion in a position of power which he doesn’t abuse, and a solid introduction to the Alpha/omega universe for the start of this new series. 

Entertaining story with likable characters, some supportive secondary characters and a villain to hate.

Rating: 4 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

This is my first Jacey Davis book. I really enjoyed it. I love the arranged marriage trope, and it is even better when it is omegaverse. There's no mpreg in this book, though it does occur in this world.

Lyric chooses to take the place of his sister, Harmony, as the omega given to Orion's family in the arrangement. Luckily, he and Orion have an instant connection, though the love does grow between them.

The world the author has created has a lot of imbalance. The omegas aren't allowed to work, to travel across districts alone, they have very few rights. They are basically the property of their alphas.

That is why it is lovely to see Orion treating Lyric with respect and care at all times. He even values his opinion.

There is a plot with Orion's father, Atlas, which gets violent. There's also an attempted SA of Lyric, so please be aware of this if it will trigger you.

Kink is part of their lifestyle. It's mainly spankings and orgasm denial and didn't overwhelm the plot.

A very steamy introduction to a new series!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Arranged By Fate is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.