A Naiad's Song (Pirates and Water Nymphs Book 4) by Gigi Rivers

"Kythe and Everett are my new favorite couple aboard the Naiad's Revenge!" Angel read A Naiad's Song for the blog.

From the blurb:

A flirty pirate nymph. A lonely virgin doctor. An MM Fantasy romance with mutual pining, opposites attract, playing doctor, and an HEA.

Everett serves as the doctor on the Naiad’s Revenge,but he is too shy and bookish to fit in with the
boisterous pirates. So he spends his time alone in the ship’s infirmary. Except when he comes up on deck to watch the stunning water nymph Kythe sing. Everett doesn’t just admire Kythe’s voice; he yearns for the naiad. But Kythe shines so brightly. How could he ever care for a dull, inexperienced virgin like Everett? At least Everett can watch Kythe sing.

Easy-going and beautiful Kythe has a secret. Whilst he enjoys the company of many, he only has feelings for one person, the ship’s doctor. At first, Kythe barely noticed the doctor. Everett is so reserved and unassuming. Then one day, when being treated by Everett, Kythe saw his quiet passion and intensity. And when Everett touched him, it awoke something inside him. Kythe can’t stay away. He reports every scrape and bruise to the doctor. He flirts outrageously. Still, Everett seems oblivious. Or more likely, he just doesn’t want Kythe.

Is there any chance for two who pine so strongly for each other? Or will old wounds and their fear of rejection keep them from finding love?

Angel's Review:

Everett was forced to leave his home after his brother and father discovered his attraction towards men. After he hurriedly packed his things, and left home, he gets jumped and all of his belongings were now gone. He's full of despair until he hears the voice of an angel. That angel offers him a place on the ship, and after that day, Everett becomes the doctor aboard the Naiad's Revenge.  

I really enjoyed reading about where Everett came from, what events lead to him joining the pirates on their ship. I felt bad for the man. He not only got kicked out of his family, but people also attacked him and stole the few belongings he had. Thankfully, though, he met Kythe. I liked that we learned more about Everett, not just about his past, but also about his view of being on the ship. What he feels about certain things, we also learn why he doesn't join in on the pirate celebrations, which I really appreciated. 

Kythe has been aboard the ship for quite some time, and no one has ever held his attention for long. He sleeps with a lot of people whenever he desires and sings for the crew. For some reason, though, he cannot get over his infatuation with the doctor. But no matter what Kythe does, Everett doesn't ever seem interested.

Gigi really knows how to suck you into a world and how to completely captivated you within the world she's created. She writes characters that you can't help but to connect to, and cheer for. The background detail was really great. We are once again aboard the ship for the length of this book. 

A Naiad's Song has sort of a slow burn-ish aspect, yet Kythe and Everett do hook up fairly early on... But their relationship doesn't fully develop until later on in the story. Which I liked! Both of these characters had things they had to deal with and come to terms with. They had to realize what they truly wanted, and go for it. They both had a past that scarred each of them, for different reasons. Over the course of the book, both these men grow and learn what they want, or rather, who they want. 

The action scenes are always so well depicted! I'm always blown away by those scenes in these books. One thing that confused me is that this is the most recent release in this series, yet it takes place before Naiad's Promise, which was a bit confusing. 

Other than that, though, I really enjoyed this book!

Rating: 5 Stars

A Naiad's Song is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.