#TeaserTuesday: My Professor Sweetheart (Sweetheart Escapes) by RS McKenzie [NSFW]

 For today's #TeaserTuesday, we have a sexy sneak peek of RS McKenzie's latest offering, My Professor Sweetheart, part of the Sweetheart Escapes shared world. This book releases on Friday September 22, 2023 and is currently available for preorder.

From the Blurb:


What is fun?

Sure, I go out occasionally with my best friend and I have my MMA fights, but I’ve never put myself out there. I’ve never done anything unexpected. So when best friend tells me to sign up for this blind auction, I figure why not? I graduate this year and need to take a chance on something more. And that’s exactly what I get. Will I be content to leave it at just this weekend?


Am I lonely?

My best friend told me I’m a lonely Daddy that needs a boy to spoil. It’s been years since I’ve had one and I have to agree. She suggests an auction where I bid on a man that might like the kink or at least be open to trying. I don’t expect to bid on my student. Is he worth breaking the rules for?

My Professor Sweetheart is a professor/student, forbidden relationship MM romance. It is part of the Sweetheart Escapes multiauthor series. It can be read as a standalone, but why not grab them all?


Andres hums against my neck, tightening his arm around me. “Good morning, sweet boy.” His voice is gravelly from sleep and I love the sound. “You don’t waste time, do you?” My Daddy starts kissing my neck and I tilt it to give him access. “Tell me what you want. I want to hear it.”

“You. Your cock against mine. I want to feel your come on me, Daddy.”

He groans and bites into my neck. I cry out, pushing back harder against him. “Turn over, boy. Let me touch you.”

Quickly, I roll to my back and Andres climbs on top of me, blanketing my body with his. He spits in his hand and moves it between us, wrapping a large fist around both of our straining lengths. I hiss when our cocks touch and Andres groans, leaning his head on my shoulder.

Instead of jerking us like I thought he would, Andres thrusts into his fist, his cock dragging over mine. “Move with me,” he whispers, then kisses me hard. I lift my hips, fucking his hand.

The mixture of our precome makes the glide easier and soon, Andres and I are rutting against each other in wild movements, trying to reach orgasm. I break the kiss and toss my head back, moaning and whimpering.

“That’s it, baby. Tell me how good I make you feel.”

“So…good. Never felt like this. I need…more…Daddy…please.” I need more from him. I need it all.

“I’ll take care of you,” Andres says, then sits up, letting go of my cock and cupping his own. I grumble but get distracted as I watch Andres jerk himself hard and fast. “You ready, baby?” he asks, and I nod quickly, ready to feel his come everywhere.

On a loud grunt, Andres comes, aiming his cock to mine, getting his release all over my shaft and balls. Before I can rub it in and use it as lube to get myself off—because the image of him coming was more than enough to have me on edge—Andres drops his mouth to my dick and starts sucking me off, swallowing his own come at the same time.

“Oh, God,” I groan and come before I can ask permission. No one has ever done something like that to me. So hot, so filthy, so fucking good.

My body is still twitching when Andres makes his way up my body, slamming his mouth down on mine and feeding me our come. I eagerly shove my tongue into his mouth, loving how both of us taste together. Andres puts his weight on me, lying between my spread legs and rolls his hips against mine.


My Professor Sweetheart releases September 22, 2023 and is currently available for preorder.