Ray of Sunshine by Casey Cox

Sometimes life brings you back and you can find happiness again. Ray is back home with his young daughters and is so happy to have his childhood best friend in his life again. But Paul wants more from Ray, and if he can muster the courage, maybe they can find a forever love together.

From the blurb for Ray of Sunshine:

Sometimes, what you need after a storm is a ray of sunshine…

Moving back to his hometown of Sunshine at the age of thirty-seven was never in Ray's plans. Neither was raising his beautiful twin girls alone. But after cancer stole his husband and surviving in the big city on a single wage became too expensive, Ray was left with no other choice.

Juggling a bruising divorce, sick parents, and a punishing career as the director of an aged care facility, Paul's life feels like it's been drained of all goodness. He's overworked, over-stressed and lonely. So damn lonely.

Until Ray returns.

Having his best friend back in his life not only brings a smile to Paul's face for the first time in years—it also unlocks something within him. A heart-shaped box that he's kept under lock and key his entire life.

Can Paul find the courage to take a chance and make the boy from his past the man of his future?

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SNik's Review:

Standalone. Mature characters. Best friends to lovers. Dual POV. Quick read. 

Ray has returned to his small hometown with his young twin daughters, running a family day care and spending all his spare time with his best friend Paul. Paul runs an aged care facility and is beyond happy that his childhood friend has returned home, and while Paul grapples with his work stress and caretaking for his parents, he secretly wants more from Ray. 

It’s easy to see that Paul and Ray are close, a lifetime of friendship that never wavered even when they were apart, and now their lives align for something more. Ray yearns for romance and Paul endeavors to be the one that gives Ray a new sense of happiness. 

Ray of Sunshine is a sweet read about two men that finally find their forever with their best friend.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

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