My Demon Rebound, Possessive Love by Ashlynn Mills

Guest reviewer, Molly, has been working her way through the Possessive Love multi-author series and shared her review of My Demon Rebound with us.

From the blurb:

After finding my almost-husband in his dressing room hooking up with his best man on our wedding day,I ditch him and take our honeymoon trip alone. I expect to spend the next two weeks wallowing in self pity. That's until something calls out from the floorboards of the kitchen for help. Once I free the demon from hell who claims my blood is what woke him, spending the next two weeks alone is the least of my worries. Rorian is convince I'm his fated mate. The longer we spend together, the more I want everything he says to be true. I'm scared to have my heart broken again, but I also can't stay away from the beautiful creature who does wonderful things with his tail and horns while smelling like campfire. Too bad us being from different worlds isn't the only challenge we have to overcome together.

Molly's Review:

Well, what can I say other than don't judge a book based on the content warnings. When you read them, you think this will be a darker book, yet it's a sweet and fluffy book. Good thing I enjoy all types of writing or that may have thrown me for a huge loop. 

My Demon Rebound is a sweet story of the two mates learning to accept themselves as they are, even if it hasn't happened in the past. 

Everly and Roarin are great for one another, after Everly gets past his hangups from the disappointments in his life. Others have left him who should have loved him for who he is. Roarin is an all around cinnamon roll of a character who will do anything to make his mate happy.

It was a sweet read when looking for that, but as I said, if looking for something darker, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

When Everly catches his soon-to-be husband in a precarious position with a groomsman, Everly decides to go on his honeymoon all by himself. There he meets a cat that loves tuna but then dissapears, along with waking up a demon.

Rory that he had found his true love decades ago, but when he revealed his true self to Albert he got rejected. That rejection sent him in the ground for decades, the only thing that can wake him up is the blood of his fated mate.

I really enjoyed reading this book! Its quirky, unique, funny, and most of all, relatable. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not a demon but feeling like you never quite fit in is definitely a relatable feeling.

That's how Rory felt, until he starts really getting to know Everly. Sure, their getting to know you stage started off rocky, but once Everly just let himself have what he truly wants, then it was mostly smooth sailing. I adored how Rory was constantly trying to get to know Everly, and trying to find ways to impress him, as well as help him. The fact that he liked to cook so much was really sweet. And him buying Everly the books he wanted? Super cute!

I liked the little mystery aspect that was present in this story. With Albert not really being who he told Rory he was. I thought it was well done.

I'm really hoping Ashlynn will write a book about Charlie and Cannon, as I would really like to read their story. Overall, this was a fantastic read, and a fun and cute way to get into the spooky season.

"He's right. We are two flawed people in a flawed world trapped in a perfect moment."

Rating: 5 Stars

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Thank you, Molly, for sharing your review with us!