Honey Mead Murder (Honey Bear Cosy Mysteries Book 1) by Dahlia Donovan

A new start to a series of sweet and cosy murder mysteries. A murder in the pub of an unlikable man ends what could have been a perfectly fine first date. George and Murphy have finally decided to move beyond friendship, but being true crime fans, can't help but want to solve the murder when the murder weapon was dry ice.

From the blurb for Honey Mead Murder:

Get ready for a charmingly quirky romance with a twist of murder mystery in Honey Mead Murder!

Follow the heart-warming story of George Bernard Sheth, a devoted pug and bee lover, who has been secretly crushing on a local mead brewer. But when a customer dies during a mead tasting, Murphy Baird, the brewer, finds himself at the centre of a police investigation.

As the two navigate the murder mystery, they find themselves falling deeper in love, all while trying to stay alive long enough for their first date. With meddling friends and unexpected plot twists, "Honey Mead Murder" is a must-read for anyone who loves a good MM romance and a thrilling mystery.

SNik's Review:

First in series (Honey Bear Cosy Mysteries). POC representation. Slow burn/no burn. Dual POV. Quick read. 

Murphy runs a local brewery and pub and makes special honey infused meads with the help of his longtime friend George. George’s life revolves around his bees, and besides rescuing elderly pugs, he has only a few people he enjoys calling friends. But George and Murphy have a mutual crush on each other, and finally decide to make an official attempt to be together, but an unfortunate murder during a tasting at the brewery throws all regular dating plans out the window. 

For such a quick read, there is plenty of building up regarding the small town, the many friendship relationships and relatives, and how comfortable George and Murphy are with each other denoting their friendship and caring. 

I’m never disappointed with Dahlia Donovan’s writing, her interesting characters, and the soft romance that surrounds the story’s murder mystery.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Miki J's Review:

Small Scottish town where everyone knows your business and there's a local WhatsApp chat for the gossip... throw in a wee bit of a mystery and a little bit of romance and you've got yourself a bonza rippa of a read!!!   

Love the characters... I love how Murphy/Paddy is aware of George/Buzz and what he needs at any given time, but is never heavy-handed... though he is very protective. And George/Buzz is such a sweetheart - it does come up that he's autistic but to be honest, he was just a normal character.  

Their interactions are cute & funny... in fact, I love teasing and conversations between all the characters - it's a craic!!! And why, oh why, did it take them sooo long to date??? hehehehehe  

The town knew about them better than they did themselves!! Loved it  - brilliantly done and looking forward to book # 2!

Rating: 4 Stars

Honey Mead Murder is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.