Find Me Worthy (Safe Harbor Book 3) by Annabeth Albert

Worth never expected to return home, and now that he's there, he's not sure why he even came. But Sam is thrilled to have Worth back in town, and helping Worth learn to appreciate himself is no hardship. Sam is a huge believer in Worth. Two men that have never had relationships and are struggling to overcome all sorts of adversities, support and lift each other up, and find that being together is where they were meant to be. 

From the blurb for Find Me Worthy:

I thought I’d lost myself…

Until Sam found me. I’m back in Safe Harbor, where I haven’t belonged in over twenty years. I’m unsure how I ended up here, yet I’m certain Sam is the key to finally healing.

But it’s complicated.

Sam’s had a crush on me since we were younger. To me, however, he was always the annoying kid tagging along. Now he’s all grown-up and delightfully bossy—and sexy—as he encourages me to reclaim my health.

I enjoy pushing Sam’s buttons, but one button too many leads to a scorching kiss. Soon, we’re using Sam’s cushy bed for way more than sleeping. But I can’t imagine staying in Safe Harbor forever, and no way is Sam leaving.

Sam’s given me a place to stay, a job at his nonprofit coffee shop, and a sense of purpose when I had none. But can I give him my heart? And more importantly, can I overcome my past to make Safe Harbor my future?

FIND ME WORTHY is a hurt/comfort childhood crush-to-lovers MM romance. This unexpected roommate arrangement stars two mature heroes with a minor age gap, mental health representation, and plenty of first times and sexy discoveries for everyone. Deep feels, dual point-of-view, and big fluffy HEA guaranteed.

FIND ME WORTHY is book three and the thrilling conclusion to the Safe Harbor series from acclaimed author Annabeth Albert. This small historic Oregon town has a tight friend group, memorable secondary characters, quirky businesses, and long-held secrets. Each book stands alone with a fresh couple, but the background mystery of the town’s secrets ties the series together, making reading in order more fun!

SNik's Review:

Third in series (Safe Harbor), best of read in order. Hurt/comfort. Light BDSM. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Sam had a massive crush on Worth when they were teenagers, and now Worth is back in town and seems to need all the support Sam can give him. Worth is struggling after losing his high finance job, finding himself sitting in his childhood yard with no future he is met with a lifeline from his past in Sam. 

While Sam helps Worth and gives him a job at his non-profit coffee shop, he hopes for something more, but Worth is afraid that needing Sam will eventually lead to breaking Sam’s heart. 

Sam is caring, giving and willing to sacrifice anything to have Worth in his life, and Worth is drawn to Sam’s inner strength and, even though it may not be right, wants to be a better person for Sam. 

I appreciated all of Sam and Worth’s honest communication, the vulnerability they had with each other, and their steamy chemistry. 

This was the finale for the series. It was sweet and emotional, and I’m sad to leave this small town of supportive people and family.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

The mystery is solved, but who deals with the aftermath?  We finally see Worth return to Safe Harbor and he's not in good shape.  Sam is there to support him and help him rebuild his life... despite the huge crush.

I love how Sam and Worth connect and bring joy to each others lives!  This book was well paced and beautifully written, with just enough angst and the third act crisis was real and relevant.  I'm sad that this is the final book in this series, but I'm hoping that the author revisits Safe Harbor again in the future!

Rating: 4.5 Stars 

Find Me Worthy is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.