Dragon's Dusk (To Kill a King Book 2) by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

Would you be able to recognize the other half of your soul if it changed forms? Angel read Dragon's Dusk, book 2 of the To Kill a King series.

From the blurb:

I have been a runt, a disappointment, and a monster. Now, I am simply a man.

This wouldn’t be so strange, if yesterday, I weren’t a dragon.

Locked away and isolated after a vicious attack left a princess blind, my greatest joy has been my bonded rider, Kostya.

My Kostya is a prince with the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders. When his world begins to crumble, a witch offers me the chance to escape my cell and stand beside him.

But on two legs, without my scales and claws, Kostya doesn’t recognize me. He fears his dragon was stolen, and when suspicion turns my way, I learn that there are prisons darker and more dangerous than a dragon pen.

A little very big dragon finds his voice, two legs, and some delightful human appendages beyond in this MM high fantasy romance, featuring: one forlorn dragon-riding prince, a dragon who just wants to kiss the boy, two incredibly self-sacrificing doofuses, a road to pain paved with all the best intentions, and a plot to upend a kingdom.

Angel's Review:

Wow, just.. wow. I'm going to start by saying Dragon's Dusk is NOT a standalone. You must read what comes before. Now, I did read the first book. While I liked it, I didn't completely love it. This book, however, I Adored! The bond that Kosha has with Kirian is so special and so sweet. And that's before he got turned into a human. 

I felt so much pain and compassion for Kirian. He was trying to figure out how to operate a human form. Meanwhile, trying to cope with the fact that Kosha didn't know who he was. The buildup of this book was so fantastic! I really liked how the main plot wasn't dealt with right in the beginning. These authors draw out the suspense, make you guess on who's doing what, or which character is going to commit a crime next. I, for one, love when authors keeps me on my toes, and keep me guessing. And this dynamic duo did just that. 

I thought the writing was done exceptionally well, the time period this series is set in feels a bit historic, so the writing of the characters reflects that. I thought that even while there are A LOT of people to keep track of, they all play an important role. I liked Kirian and Kosha when they were mentioned in the first book, and reading about them in their book made me fall in love with them. They are so cute, so sweet, and I loved the journey these authors took us on. We got to see their relationship form as two humans, instead of dragon and human, we got more information on that tragic night that Kirian got punished for. We got more action and deceit, more betrayals. 

Also, something... happened concerning Dima, and I wonder if his story is going to be next. I'm excited to see what his perspective is about everything that's happening.

Overall, a really terrific read! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Dragon's Dusk is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, hardback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.