Unfettered Kelpie (Found & Freed: The Unfettered Book 2) by S. Rodman

Lello is a kelpie that lost an unwanted mate and needs another fast. Carter volunteers to help, but can a forced mating produce real feelings? How can they trust if the love they feel is real? Unfettered Kelpie is the second book in The Unfettered series.

From the blurb:

Do the very worst to him and then cherish him.

That’s what my friend Brodie wants me to do to a little kelpie.

Save a life, instead of taking one, is another thing he says.

The kelpie was imprisoned in a billionaire’s harem, the piece of work bit him, forcing a mating bond and making the kelpie believe he was in love.

The enslaver had to die, and now the kelpie is dying too. The only thing that can save him is a new mate. Except he won’t want one. I’ll have to force my mark on him. Then the kelpie mating magic will do its thing and he will become devoted to me. He will think I’m the one he loves.

Brodie says that Doolin is adorable. Kind, sweet. Sunshine personified. Totally gorgeous as well.

Beautiful enough to catch the eye of a billionaire collecting seven stunning men for his harem.

Having Doolin worship me won’t be a hardship. Except it will all be false. All a lie. Nothing but mating magic.

And I’m never going to forgive myself for what I’m going to have to do to him to make it happen.

Unfettered Kelpie is the second book in the Found & Freed: The Unfettered series, which follows the lives of seven paranormal boys after they escape a billionaire's harem. The books are best read in order.

Unfettered Kelpie contains hurt/comfort, an arranged mating that is like an arranged marriage, and a sunshine/ brooding pairing.

SNik's Review:

Second in series (Found & Freed: Unfettered), best if read in order. Paranormal. Arranged/forced mating. Hurt/comfort. Quick read. Dual POV. 

Lello, a kelpie, was forced into a mating with the man that kept him and his friends captive. Now that he is dead, Lello needs another to mate him to stay alive. Carter was asked to step in and help mate Lello, but as a human he doesn’t fully understand the mating magic and he is attracted to Lello but also wants to avoid forcing any unwilling feelings onto Lello. 

There is a good amount of introspection from both Carter and Lello. Carter struggles with the forced aspect of them being together while Lello is trying to be the best mate to Carter. Carter is admirable in trying to be a good person, putting Lello’s needs before his own, and eventually has to respect that Lello knows his own mind. 

Plenty of steam, with a supportive and protective, found family rounds out the story. A familiarity with Rodman’s Darkstar Pack universe might make this more fun to read, but it’s not necessary to enjoy the story.

Rating: 4 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

Carter is called to save Lello's life and enters into a mating with him that is complicated, made more so by the feelings growing between them.

What I really liked was how moral Carter tried to be. He acknowledged the issue of consent: Lello has to have a mate bond, or he will die, but that isn't a real choice. He tries to be good to Lello, but hurts both their feelings in the process.

Lello is fairly pragmatic over it all, allowing the bonding magic to do its thing and not overthinking it. Yes, he's slightly damaged after his harem days, but he's focused on his future.

Plenty of steamy times, a fast pace, and a super sweet ending

Rating: 5 Stars

Unfettered Kelpie is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, hardback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.