The Game (Charleston Condors Book 2) by Beth Bolden

Beck was Micah's best friend until one night filled with possibilities crashed and burned. Now they are playing for the same team again and Micah wants a second chance, and Beck can't deny him. The Game is a love story for two sweet men that easily fall into forever together.

From the blurb:

Micah Rose is ready for a clean slate. He might’ve messed up his rookie year with the Miami Piranhas, but being traded to the Condors is the best way to put all that behind him.

The Condors are rebuilding, too. New owner. New coach. New players. New rules.

But one rule hasn’t changed: don’t marry your ex-best friend in Vegas.

Beckett West isn't looking forward to seeing Micah again. Back in college, they shared not only a ride-or-die friendship, but a ton of sexual tension they never acted on.

That was before Micah pushed him away.

Still, Beck’s never forgotten their last drunken night together. Not only did they finally confess their feelings, they both promised if the day ever came when they played on the same team again, they wouldn't waste the chance to be together.

But Beck didn’t expect that day to ever be this day.

He certainly didn’t expect to wake up in bed with Micah’s ring on his finger.

Or that he’d never want to take it off.

But it turns out the only man for him is the one man he could never forget. The one man he’s always wanted to make his.

Téa's Review:

I have followed along with not only this series but also with the Piranha series, and I don't know how Beth keeps improving with every book she creates. I have liked a lot of the characters she's created and the stories she's weaved, but these two men are my favorite, hands down! I am a sucker for the friends to lovers trope, and that was just oozing out of the pages in The Game, which I loved! And it was done so well, it wasn't just another trope getting thrown into a plot, the way Beth wrote these two characters and the way she built their story was completely unique and was executed terrifically. 

Micah has had some sort of feelings for his best friend Beck ever since they first met, and Beck.. hasn't even acknowledged what he might feel for his best friend. Until one night changed everything, they made promises to each other, and both men's eyes were definitely opened to how they felt for one another. Unfortunately, by the next morning things weren't as promising as the night before led them to believe, and that started the 18 months that led up to these men once again reuniting to form 'The Wall'. Maybe, just maybe, they might be able to form more than just 'The Wall' on the field, but perhaps off of it too. 

Ahh! These two men just made me smile and aww out loud the whole time I was reading this. Cause let me tell you, this book had cuteness in spades! Yes, there were serious topics that were written into this story, which was done very well, but the overall feel of the story was lighthearted and.. warm? The relationship Micah has with Scott is so touching and heartwarming, the bond they formed is that of father and son, and you could feel how much they meant to one another. I feel like it's redundant of me to say how well written this book is, primarily because that's what I've come to expect from Beth. And she knocked it out of the park again! Well written, fleshed out, a happy ending. She has serious elements and makes them so poignant, the character growth during her stories makes me emotional sometimes, and she always makes you fall for at least one of her characters. 

 These characters,and this story just makes you feel good while you're reading it. I didn't want to finish this story. I didn't want to say bye to Micah and Beck. But unfortunately, all good things must end. Although, the ending of Beck and Micah's story just means the beginning of someone else's! I'm so excited to see how Beth is going to go about writing Carter's story, I feel like his book is going to be angsty and is going to make us want to reach through the book to give Carter a good shaking. 

I highly recommend you get this book to read yourself today!

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

Second in series (Charleston Condors), best if read in order. Second chance. Former best friends to lovers. Found family. POC representation. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Micah has been in love with Beck ever since they first met, but he ruined their friendship by pushing Beck away and ghosting him. Eighteen months later he has been traded to the Charleston Condor’s back where he wants to be, by Beck’s side, if only Beck will accept Micah’s apologies. Beck wants nothing more than to be with Micah again, and if Micah is on board Beck will not let him go a second time. 

This is really a comfort read, a second chance for two deserving men, with Micah maturing and finding himself and Beck a kind and forgiving friend. They have loved each other and still love each other and once together again are more than willing to commit forever. 

Both Beck and Micah are sweet and their chemistry is off the charts once they realize their attraction goes beyond friendship, they were always meant for more. 

A really enjoyable read, with great supportive characters, and a love that wasn’t going to be denied.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Reunited and it feels so... strange?  Micah and Beck both have baggage since they last saw each other and it's interesting to read as they work through it - separately and together... Battling on field and real life chemistry with holding on to past hurt, Beck is finally forced to confront his worries with Micah and it opens up a world of second chances, rekindled emotions and love.

This is a well paced and beautiful second chance romance that forces these two men to put their cards on the table before actually getting together and it was wonderful to read.

Rating: 5 Stars

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