Garrick and Lennox (Fated Fantasies Book 2) by Holly Oliver

The second person in The Array finds their mate! Angel read Garrick and Lennox.

From the blurb:

He was an anomaly amongst the Array and never really understood why. After a fleeting moment of weakness, Garrick is confronted by the magic he has denied for too long.

Forced to face the demons of his past, can Garrick learn to trust himself when it matters most?

Lennox has lived a life in the shadows, always dancing the fine line between light and darkness.
He finally makes a choice, but is it the right one, and will it be enough when it matters most?

Two souls destined by Fate stare down their demons but can they claim their HEA?

The Fates are vying to get them together while the world (or someone else) is fighting to keep them apart.

This is an M/M Paranormal story intended for adult audiences. It contains intimate scenes between two consenting adults, some historical heartache, and swearing. Please store your eBooks responsibly.

Angel's Review:

Hedgehogs, Dragons, Lynx's, Oh my! 

Garrick and Lennox is about a second member in the Array finding his fated mate. Although their journey was not an easy one. Garrick has had a rough past and hasn't wanted anything to do with his magic. Until one day it awakens and he has no choice but to listen to it. It ends up taking him to someday who's been scheming against Garrick for years, however, despite Garrick's inner self warning him to stay away Garrick doesn't listen. Which brings Lennox into the picture. However, even though Lennox recognized Garrick as his mate when he first smelled him, Garrick was under a spell preventing him to recognize who Lennox is to him. 

These two have to go through a lot together in order to try to stop the people who were causing not only them so much pain but also others as well. I think that The Array is a really unique concept, I love the magic and the shifter element in these books. There's always something surprising to learn in each book which I enjoy, and Garrick and Lennox's characters were so unique! They were both shifters but they also had magic, which was so cool! The only reason I rated this lower is because while I loved the buildup of the story and us getting the background story of the two MC's, it felt like things hit fast-forward in the middle of the book that didn't really fit? Once these two meet each other, the pace of the story sped up, which was quite odd to me. 

Other than that, though, I enjoyed the book and I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of The Array. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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