Fated Mates: an MM Paranormal Romance Charity Anthology, Section 4

Fated Mates is a Paranormal Romance Charity Anthology from some of your favorite MM authors!

It features new, exclusive stories from Kiki Clark, Mia Monroe, Louisa Masters, Kelly Fox, Sheena

Jolie, Jennifer Cody, Nikole Knight, Vinni George, Chloe Archer, Meghan Maslow, Lee Colgin, Kelex, H.L Day, Grae Bryan, AJ Sherwood, Michele Notaro, Lisa Oliver, Ariana Nash, Michelle Frost, and JP Sayle.

All royalties will be donated to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund and the ACLU's Drag Defense Fund.

With there being 20 amazing authors in the Fated Mates charity anthology, the reviews have been split up into sections. The reviews here are for Section 4.

~ Curse of Silver & Blood Sheena Jolie:

Alec is fae, an alchemist, and running for his life after blowing up his captor's drug lab. Lost in the woods, injured, and wishing for a safe place to rest, Alec never expected to come face to face with an enormous werewolf...who decides to keep him. 

Leif has lived a very long time, most of it alone. Cursed to kill others of his kind, he has no pack, and being alone is the only way not to kill the people he cares about. He thought Fate forgot about him until he finds a lost young man with intriguing powers in his territory...who just happens to be his fated mate.  

Fate may have brought them together, but they need to decide for themselves if a soulbond is something they want...and they need to decide before those hunting Alec come calling. 

A Curse of Silver & Blood is a short story set within the Infinite Arcana Universe by Sj Himes/Sheena Jolie, and can be read as a standalone.

Sheena's Review:

I really enjoyed this. I loved Alec and Leif, and their connection. Leif has been on his own for so long after being cursed, and thinks that his curse will transfer to Alec. Alec was a breath of fresh air, bringing some much needed and longed for companionship to Leif while standing up to him and making him believe he could help and wasn't going anywhere once they found they were mates. I was really enjoying this and was a little sad not to get their whole story here  I will just have to follow up with the series.  

SNik's Review:

Prequel in the author’s Infinite Arcana universe. Dual POV. 

Alec is a special fae on the run from some bad guys and gets unexpected help from an ancient werewolf. Lief lives in solitude and knows he can’t keep Alec close, he is cursed and fears he will eventually harm Alec. As Lief protects, Alec shows his strengths as well and this story is a prelude to a much bigger story hinted at by the author. Definitely intrigued with this snippet and hope to see more from these two.

~ There’s A Bat in My Room! Michele Notaro 

Have a flying bat problem? Tennis Assassin to the rescue! I’ve never been so scared in my life, but armed with a ski mask, a leather jacket, and a tennis racket, I’m ready to take on the flying demon… er, bat. When one swing connects, and the bat hits the wall and turns into a man, my life changes forever. 

Ward swears he doesn’t usually go around breaking into stranger’s homes, but evidence suggests otherwise. Still, there’s something sweet about the guy that makes me feel protective of him… even if he is some kind of supe. 

There’s a Bat in my Room! is a 30k standalone novella that takes place in the Ellwood and Brinnswick world. Jett and Ward’s story is complete with a HEA.

Sheena's Review:

I have read this author before but not familiar with the universe this is set in, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as a standalone. I loved Jett and Ward, and Jett's hilarious insistence that Ward is a vampire even when Ward keeps insisting he's not. I loved their connection, and even more so after finding out Ward's sad backstory (seriously, found family is sometimes WAY better than real family). I loved getting to know these two, and didn't feel all that lost even when I realized some of the other characters had perhaps appeared in other books. This was fun, yet ultimately quite sweet.  

SNik's Review:

Novella from author’s Ellwood and Brinnswick universes. Single POV. 

Ward has been betrayed by his colony and is seeking shelter from some bad guys when he dips into Jett’s house. While Jett tries to get rid of the man he is sure is a vampire he also feels compelled to help the man out. Jett lets Ward hide out with him, the close proximity helping build their relationship as they discover they are soulmates and will risk anything to stay together. Very fun with some special cameos for those familiar with Notaro’s works.

~ The Demon and the Librarian: A Cozy M/M Monster Romance by Chloe Archer 

Yuki - Accidentally summoning a sexy demon at work totally isn’t my fault. It’s because of that new addictive soap opera, The Young and the Monstrous, I tell you! They just had to introduce a new mega-hot demon character, so of course I needed to do some research! But my insatiable librarian curiosity has gotten me into hot water, because now I’m magically shackled to a demon who claims he’s my mate. That can’t be a real thing, right? It’s got to be some kind of demon trick... 

Kassiel - Being summoned is every demon’s fantasy. Some wait centuries for the momentous occasion. At barely two hundred years of age, I get my lucky day! The Interdimensional Gong of Demonic Destiny rings for little ole me! Wooing Yuki should be a walk in the park, but my trusty seductive wiles aren’t working on my prickly mate—and the clock is ticking. I only have two weeks to convince him to accept our bond or it will be permanently severed. My work is cut out for me, but I’ll do whatever it takes to sneak into his heart. 

The Demon and the Librarian: A Cozy M/M Monster Romance is a 30k story in the Monsters Hollow universe featuring: a dapper demon dandy with a penchant for fine clothing, a far too curious librarian, a summoning involving dirty limericks, a holy water fail, food as the way to any being’s heart, forced proximity, fated mates, and an HEA ending.

Sheena's Review:

Another new to me author, and this was so much fun. I loved how clueless Yuki was, accidentally summoning Kassiel (and the incantation was hilarious, even more so when you find out how it came about). Kassiel, in his turn, was eternally optimistic about finding his mate, even in the face of seeming rejection. A touch of arrogance, maybe, but it suited him (demon, after all). I loved how determined he was to woo Yuki and it was so fun to see them come together even in the short time frame they had. This worked perfectly as a short, it was fun and hot.  

SNik's Review:

Novella from author’s Monster Hollow universe. POC representation. Dual POV. 

If there is such a thing as summoning your fated demon mate by reciting some awful limericks, Yuki has never heard of it. Now he has 2 weeks to decide if the dashing and charming Kassiel is really his mate and they can have a trusted relationship where Yuki doesn’t get left behind. Kassiel is a cinnamon roll hottie that will do anything to convince Yuki they are meant to be together, so there is plenty of sweetness with the spice.

~ A Scent Like No Other byJP Sayle 

No one appreciates a skunk! Pierre is used to being shunned—he knows he’s not like others, even those of his own kind. When his misfiring ass results in him losing another job, he follows his instincts and climbs aboard the next bus to Salem, Massachusetts. Fate steps in to deliver Pierre directly to his mate, Eliphas, outside the doors of Enchanted Ink. They bond quickly but Pierre knows something Eliphas doesn’t—they have a third. 

Finding one fated mate does not mean Happily Ever After. Eliphas has reasons for not wanting to rock the boat and seek their third. It isn’t long before Pierre’s patience wears thin and, despite Eliphas’s warnings that messing with Fate has consequences, Pierre goes searching for answers. 

Their mate is out there—somewhere—and Pierre intends to find him.

Sheena's Review:

Another new to me author, and while I enjoyed this, I really felt a little short changed with the ending. I really wanted to know what happened with their third. I understand it's meant as a prequel to a full book perhaps, but for me, the story was just getting going when it stopped. Such are things in a short story anthology, though. I like the idea of different animal shifters, and the idea of a skunk shifter was new to me. I also liked Eliphas, and him finally finding his coven - found family YAY. I liked the connection between Eli and Pierre too, and I did enjoy the story.

SNik's Review:

Prequel to the author’s Enchanted Ink book #2. Dual POV. 

Pierre is an unwanted skunk shifter that has been constantly rejected all his life, but when tattoo artist and witch Eli meets him there is no letting go. With a little magic Eli and Pierre find happiness together but there is a possible third in their relationship and Pierre can’t let go of the possibility. This is a prelude to a full story so felt not as complete, but it does show the caring in Eli and Perre’s relationship.

Angel's Review:

This is the prequel to both Only Skin Deep by Kelex and a prequel to Magic, Demons, and the Hunter. As far as prequels go I thought this was pretty well written. Sweet, unique, lovable characters that you can't help but be intrigued by and want more of, and it makes you eager for more. I'm looking forward to the full length story about Eli, Pierre and their third mate. So as far as prequels go, this is terrific! Makes you want more of the story and this definitely achieved that. This was a really great prequel!

Rating: 4 Stars

~ True Mates and Where to Find Them by AJ Sherwood 

Zander is in an auction house for the sole purpose of getting someone to sign a contract. He doesn’t have any interest in owning a blood slave—until he lays eyes on Max. That, he must have. 

Max is there for reasons of his own, mostly desperate reasons, and he’s braced himself for a year of hell. Which doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. Someone needs to explain to this vampire that he’s supposed to use Max, not spoil him. Zander doesn’t seem to get it.

Sheena's Review:

This is a true standalone story, and quite possibly my favorite, along with the Ariana Nash story. I loved Zander and Max and really enjoyed getting to know them. Max sells himself for a year at an auction to become a vampire servant, but is bought by Zander who is determined to look after him, and pamper him even when Max is wary of anything good - especially from a vampire. Zander's love language is lavishing gifts on Max, and it's hilarious seeing Max trying to reign Zander in and failing epically. This was so much fun, while still being sweet (if a vampire story can even be that). I adored these two.

SNik's Review:

Standalone. Dual POV. 

Vampire Zander rescues Max from selling himself at auction, he doesn’t need or want a blood slave, but something about Max is special. Max can’t handle Zander’s over the top love language, the money, gifts and care that Zander heaps upon him is overwhelming, and he finds himself slowly trusting the kind vampire. Fear slowly turns to affection, and Zander is both powerful and puppy-like that Max can’t resist. I fell for both these characters.

SNik on the anthology as a whole: Overall a 4.5 rating. For fans of any of the authors in this anthology, I would recommend this book. The stories are entertaining, with sweet and spicy couples throughout, and the royalties donation is a plus. Pick and choose, or read them all, I enjoyed spreading them out over time.

Fated Mates is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.