#TeaserTuesday - Embracing Fate by Raquel Riley [NSFW]


This week's #TeaserTuesday delivers a spicy sneak peek of Raquel Riley's latest, Embracing Fate. This book will be released on Thursday, July 27 and is currently available for preorder.

From the Blurb:

With everything on the line, will Romero walk away from his dreams for the sake of love?

After Maxwell Denton suffered a career ending injury, he was forced to surrender his dream of competing in MMA. He had zero interest in training the new guy, but after going one round with Romero Ruiz, Max knew he’d met his match.

Having never been attracted to men, Max and Romero are caught off guard by their explosive chemistry. Their mutual desire burns hotter with each passing day as they navigate the meaning of their newfound passion.

Max is willing to risk his heart by walking away from Romero to give him a shot at his dream. But Romero can only choose one title. Welterweight Champion or Max’s lover. Which does he covet most?

Embracing Fate is a gay contemporary sports romance featuring bisexual awakenings, first times, and some laugh-out-loud awkward sexy adventures.


The blaring repeat buzz of an alarm clock woke Romero from a hot dream. Reaching over, he slapped the snooze button and rolled back over. The heat coming from the other side of the bed beckoned him closer. He rolled into the warm spot and bumped into a hard body.

He didn’t remember bringing anyone home last night. Cracking open one eye, Romero was surprised and relieved to see the face staring back at him. “Morning, babe.”

The hand attached to that sexy voice trailed down Romero’s chest, caressing his skin lovingly as it blazed a path to his groin. The morning erection he sported was about to be discovered by his eager bed partner. Heat from that hand gripped his cock, stroking him and smearing the precum leaking from the tip down his shaft.

“You’re so hard for me. Show me how much you crave my touch.” Romero pressed closer, sealing his mouth over those full, sweet lips, licking his way inside the inviting wet heat. “Do you want more, babe? Tell me you want more.”

Panting, perspiring, overcome with heat, Romero rasped, “Yes, more.” Bucking his hips harder into the tight grip on his dick, he felt his orgasm start in his thighs where his muscles flexed and tightened, working its way up through his heavy sac, tightening the skin and pulling them closer to his body. As he spilled over the hand that milked him, he screamed out his partner’s name. “Fuck, Max! So good.”

The insistent shrill bleating started up again. Romero rolled over to silence the alarm once again. And kept rolling. He hit the floor with a heavy thud. “Fuck! Max!”

Romero came awake suddenly, sweating and breathless. He was afraid to sit up and look at the bed. Was there someone in it, or was it all just a bad dream? Could he honestly say it was bad? It was pretty damn hot. Hotter than anything that had ever happened in his real love life.

What in God’s name could have made him dream of Max that way? It was so completely out of left field. He’d never thought of a man before in any capacity other than brother, friend, or coworker.

Romero gripped the side of the mattress, pulling himself up and peering over the edge. Empty. Thank God. Brushing off the dream, he showered and dressed for work, but no matter what he did to distract himself, it kept coming back to him.

Embracing Fate is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available on Kindle Unlimited on July 27, 2023.